Creating the Protagonist

Protagonist the Main Hero

The protagonist is not only the main character of the book with whose eyes readers can watch and follow the plot. In a context of a story, the protagonist is a human. With their own personality, with advantages and disadvantages, with joys and sorrows.

Dreams Come True: Modify Your Reality Skillfully


There are a lot of different methods which can help you. Here you have some of them, offered by our writers. Of course, everybody wants every wish to come into reality as soon as it is made. It is sad to say, but sometimes your wishes cannot come true at all. So, what you should do to make your wish a reality is to understand if it is possible at all.

Presentation Making

Someone Shows Presentation

In the 21st century almost every lesson we listen presentations of our classmates or teachers. Well, at least there is no need to make presentations on P.E. lessons but still there are plenty of subjects where it is a must to do.

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