Where the Names of US Universities Come from: Interesting Facts

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Even if you aren’t going to ask Google to show you the latest ratings of the world’s best universities, I bet, a few names have just come to your mind. It is another question what exactly has made these educational establishments so popular, that their names have turned into the synonyms to high-quality education and scientific progress. And now we’d better leave it for another research paper.

Studying Overnight in a University Library: Or How Dreams Come True

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Here I am going to share some results of my little research with you. Recently I have somehow found out that the libraries of the University of Toronto, Canada, was open to “owl” students. I mean those guys who like or have to study at night. In a nutshell, it said that the students of that university could come to the certain libraries after 10 pm or even 11 pm and do what they needed.

Alternative Argumentative Essay on Animal Rights: Your Smart Thoughts

Vet with Dog

Definitely, it is one of the most widely discussed issues in the global scientific community. So, I don’t even wonder that you are assigned to write a good essay on it. However, if you have never been interested in the controversial idea of animal rights before, it might be quite difficult to decide how you personally would approach it. Not to mention the fact that you are actually expected to take one of the two opposite sides: the side of those guys who support the idea of legal animal rights and the side of those guys who suggest leaving it all as it is now.

Writing a New Essay on Why Learn Foreign Languages: Alternative Ideas

World Map with Flags

It is actually a very interesting, many-faceted topic. Despite the fact that your elder sibling or friend also wrote a college essay on it a year ago. And what’s more promising about this assignment, you still have a chance to stand out and come up with a few non-standard reasons for learning a foreign language in your paper. So, let’s make your professor reconsider what he or she knows on this issue!

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