Student Dorm vs Separate Apartment: How Not to Get Deceived

Dorm vs Apartment

Entering a college life far away from home is connected with a number of serious doubts to concern and problems to solve. One of the main troubles all newbie students certainly face is a living question. Where to stay: in a college dorm, or in a specially rented apartment? Let’s look onto both of those possibilities closer.

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Dormitory Wants You, Mate

Lots of fun, hundreds of boys and girls who just entered a new life, beer rivers… You got what I’m talking about, didn’t you? New impressions and experiences are guaranteed while you live in a dorm. There you’ll be able to meet interesting people from different regions of your country (and often from other countries, too). There is a need to constantly interact with students like you in many ways.

Living together with your roommates means doing everything in a group. What does it look like? Well, a common living space means buying food together, cooking together, eating together, having rest together, hanging out together and so on. Who said “studying”?

Is Apartment Worth It?

Separate apartment or flat surely requires more funds than a place in a dormitory room. Is giving up two or three times as much money okay? What do you pay for?

The answer is quite obvious – comfort. When you rent a separate apartment, you receive private space. A place, where nobody else can be in control of anything. Your time schedule doesn’t depend on your roommates. Fridge is yours, wardrobe is yours, kitchen is yours, bathroom is yours. It is your call when to cook, what to eat, how to rest, to study or to sleep. You’re free to choose your look and your clothes. Sometimes, you can even bring pets there.

Plus, it is much easier to feel good with no constant noise around, isn’t it? When you decide to live in a separate apartment, you can forget about thin walls and loud voices at evening and night hours.

So, What Is the Deal?

In case if you wish to ensure good studying and living conditions for yourself first – an apartment is the winner even if to take its price into account. Intensive social activities in the dormitory may not be helpful in the field of learning.

Though, if making friends and impressions is the priority – college dorm is all yours. Drive, action and fun is there 24/7.

Choose wisely! And welcome to the college life!

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