How to Attract Public Attention When Holding a Speech

Attract Attention

Some of writers are quite experienced orators who often have to hold speeches before various audience types. And this recommendation is actually universal, not depending on the topic of your speech and any other factors like a good plan or a colored presentation.

Here is how you can attract attention when having a speech.

To do that, you need to concentrate your attention on a single person, and not to try looking onto all of your listeners. Choose a person already looking into your eyes. Support an eye contact with that person. When some time passes, choose another listener to do the same thing. This will be easier, as till that moment more people will look at you.

Actually, the trick can be successfully used in many life situations, not only during the high speech declamation, but during regular friendly conversations as well. It can let you take all the attention in both big public audience and small circle of geeks.

Why This Trick Works

People Can Be Attracted by Attention

Especially when that attention is not concentrated on them. If you look into someone’s eyes, the rest will notice you pay attention to someone. They’ll start looking at you. Why? First, to see what you’re doing. Second, they hope to get your attention, too.

People Get Closer

Eye contact is a very powerful instrument. When you catch someone’s eyes, you offer a person to cooperate and interact with you. And they become more perceptive for your speech automatically. This trick is often used by politicians and motivational orators.

How to Learn Using this Trick?

To train this skill, you need to learn how to switch your attention while holding a speech. Try providing an “eye contact” with various subjects in your room next time you are going to get ready for the speech. Concentrate on a chair, for instance. Then, turn your look onto the window.

Try switching between right and left parts of the room, or between close and distant ones. During the real speech you are not going to look onto people sitting directly in front of you only.

With time, it won’t be difficult for you to use this technique. You’ll stop thinking over that and will perform these actions automatically. Then, the speech itself will bring you a lot more satisfaction. 

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