Bad Writing: 4 Reasons

Reasons for Bad Writing

What is needed to make your writing skills really good?

Someone says: “Practice and everything will come then”. Others parry: “John Smith has been practicing during 5 years already, and there was no any visible effect”.

The point is that, the practice can be different. Let’s think John to devote three hours a day for writing his book. Why noting goes well? Why John quits writing as a result? According to the opinions of our essay writing service authors, reasons can be the following.

Bad Writing: Reason One

John doesn’t get any theoretical knowledges, and doesn’t read any quality literature as well.

Through centuries, humanity developed the complexed system of gaining and improving one’s literature language skills. Its level goes up gradually with time. If John refuses to know the experience of previous generations, he lowers his own level to that of Early Medieval age writers. And the speed of his development will be exactly the same.

Bad Writing: Reason Two

John can’t see any positive results, and then his interest in literature flies away.

It is difficult to estimate your literature work on your own. Sports goes much better here: you scored and it’s great; you didn’t hit the gate and that’s the defeat. Yet in fields where everything depends on interpretation, finding complement and friendly criticists is an important thing. Those criticists will give you compliments when it’s required, and will point on your mistakes in time as well.

Bad Writing: Reason Three

John sprays his efforts while trying to master everything at a time.

Literature mastery is consisted of numerous skills: the skill of setting up a plot, the skill of composing dialogues, etc. One can try to improve in everything at once, but that is a longer and harder way. That’s not an accident: every book on writing says newbies to start their writer’s career from short stories.

Bad Writing: Reason Four

John stays in his “comfort zone”.

That is the greatest problem for every text author. Comfort zone here is that a writer can do well already. What they do well brings them pleasure. That is why they continue doing same exercises day after day: writing good poems, for instance.

What’s behind one’s comfort zone is the learning zone. To learn something new (let’s say it’s the art of a metaphor), one has to put serious efforts. You will do literally nothing well while making your first tries. But then: your text will be full of bright and interesting comparisons.

That’s a tough process, and that is why there are so few people writing on a level which is higher than the average one.

And what’s even more difficult, is to go out to the zone of something unreachable. While being in the learning zone one knows the way to get their results at least. Yet when it comes to unreachable, the writer is able to see only their bright, shining goal.

Mostly, learning writers are afraid even to think about something like that. That is the reason why only some of authors reach the top of literature mountain. You can reach there by accident, yes.

But you need something more that an accident in order to stand there on the top for a long time.

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