Remaining Yourself

Being on Your Own

In modern society, where human is often being judged by his status, physical condition, money earned, it’s really difficult for people to remain themselves. Many of them are eager to look like the rest so strong they lose their own uniqueness. Yet how can one become successful if they only imitate someone else?

Imitators are not self-confident, but want to be treated as VIPs. They constantly try to prove something and to outrun somebody. It is worth to remember that successful people don’t run for money and don’t try to look cool. This doesn’t mean they’re ascetic persons not caring about something beautiful or expensive. They just don’t imitate anyone.

What features are typical for people who always remain themselves? Authors of our essay writing service tried to analyze.

Ability to Reflect

To save your individuality, it is required to know what person you exactly are. To know yourself well, you need a reflection. If you’re interested only in others, you’ll never understand what actually your wish is. That’s why: analyze your thoughts and deeds.

Reflection helps you to reach the inner harmony, which allows you to stand against stresses. You stop being interested by the status of other people, because you have enough self-confidence to work on yourself. You’ve got nothing to hide. That gives you freedom to remain yourself. Imitators can’t allow themselves such a luxury.

“Healthy Egoism”

Imitators can’t find their balance between own interests and interests of other people. Those who remain themselves know their cost. You can become a good leader only if you’ve got your “healthy egoism” inside.

This egoism means you know and value what the others want, yet you don’t forget about your own needs though not concentrating on them too much.  

Concentration on Possibilities

A person, who has only own interests, concentrates on own goals and wishes exclusively. This person always tries to reach those goals the fastest way possible, using different manipulations in order to get things done. Such persons need to get what they want here and now, get something before others even see it.

Sometimes, you need to lose the battle in order to win the war. True leaders understand that. People who can remain themselves don’t concentrate on temporary (sometimes even inevitable) failures. They look forward, onto their main goal and possibilities the hard-working person gets.

Personal Power

Those who don’t have personal will, can’t remain themselves. They deny their words and promises, they never take responsibility for their deeds.

People generally trust those who keeps their word and can control emotions. Stability and solid mind – are the features for the leader.

Additionally, if you remain yourself, you can admit your mistakes and laugh on yourself, too. This is what shows a person’s internal integrality.

Those who follow the crowd constantly stay stressed and lost. They’re afraid of somebody to take their place and glory. They sacrifice integrity and strength of their character in order to keep up to others.

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