How to Beat Procrastination: Helpful Hints

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Every one of us faced the procrastination – looking through the Instagram instead of writing a diploma, or drinking coffee and reading the Facebook string and eventually late for college. The authors of our writing service are not the exclusion.

Scientists say that, in this way you avoid tasks that bring unpleasant emotions, and instead them you do something that gives momentary pleasure. By postponing until later, you begin to feel a sense of guilt and shame. It is time to cope with this issue.

Understand the Reason

It is very important to understand why you postpone things for later. Finding out the reasons will help you analyze your actions in order to take measures in time. For example, very often the reluctance to undertake a particular task is associated with perfectionism: you may be afraid that you`ll not be able to do the task perfectly. Another reason is a dull task. In this case, you need to remember that no one will do it for you and the result depends only on your actions.

Break the Task into Parts and Make a Plan

In some case you can`t start work due to the fear: the task seems so vast and incomprehensible that it may paralyze you. To cope with the desperation, you can divide a large task into smaller ones. For example, if you need to write a paper or a long report, make a plan of writing, then choose the part that is simple and clear, and try to start it. When you run over at least one small problem, you instantly feel more confident.

Studying Hard

Fight Boredom

Sometimes it is difficult to start working, because it seems to be awfully boring. Monotonous and mechanical tasks are easier to do with your favorite music, watching good movie or any exciting background you would like. Your task will not become more interesting, but the work will be a bit more fun. The main thing is to make sure that this background will not reduce your productivity – there is a risk that you will focus on the wrong things and never be able to finish the work.

Get Rid of External Stimuli

On the other hand, background can be annoying – music and external stimuli may interfere in focusing on the work. Listen to your instincts: if it is better for you to work in the shadows, then bold the curtains. If you need perfect silence – use earplugs or soundproof headphones. You can install a special application on the smartphone or browser, which calculates how much time you spend in social networks. When you see the scale of the problem, you begin to treat the matter seriously.

Do Not Pass the Buck

When you postpone some kind of deal, you make a future yourself a scapegoat. “Tomorrow I will have more energy; next week I will have more time." The reality is more prosaic: there will be no time and effort neither the next day nor the next week. There is no abstract “future me”. Just you and only you will cope with the results of your procrastination.

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