3 Ways to Summon Your Luck (Scientifically Proven)

You probably notice some people to be much luckier than others. Psychology professor from Britain, Richard Wiseman, discovered the reason of that phenomenon and found out how you can become “a lucker” for your fate. Essaycrest.com shows what he’d got.

What Differs Lucky People

Richard Wiseman decide to find out what the difference between self-called lucky ones and losers is.

Lucky Person

During his research, Wiseman found out lucky people to be highly extravert ones. They smile more often, they try to watch into other people’s eyes. Scientist thinks communicative abilities and openness help them to receive lucky possibilities.

Unlucky people are more likely to be emotionally unstable, feel anxiety and anger.

Wiseman held a series of interesting experiments. In order to figure out the influence of anxiety onto people, he asked participants in the first group to watch onto the moving spot at the center of computer display. Some time later, there appeared big dots at the display corners, and almost all the participants noticed them.

People from the second group were promised to receive money reward for focusing on the central point. More than 30% of participants hadn’t noticed other dots, as they were stressed with their wish to get money.

The experiment showed, that though the anxiety helps to concentrate on a certain task, it does not allow noticing new possibilities.

Unlucky people lose chances because of worrying about a single problem too much. Lucky ones are always open for something new.

Other participants received a newspaper and Wiseman asked them to count a number of photos in it. Unlucky people spent several minutes on the task, while lucky ones needed only a few seconds. The point was, there had been printed a note on the second page: “Stop counting. There are 43 photos”. Lucky people noticed that text at once. They were more attentive.

Lucky people have more optimistic views onto their lives. Even if something went not as they expected, they are likely to look for positive sides of a situation.

3 Ways to Summon Your Luck

Wiseman decided to find out, if a person can become lucky, and asked the participants to perform some exercises. In a month, 80% of people stated that they became happier, more satisfied with their life, and the main thing: luckier.

Luck Summoning

Here is what Wiseman asked them to do:

  • 1. Think Wider

    You can lose perspective possibilities because of worrying about your achievements too much. Be open to everything new, and then you’ll have more chances to get a happy ticket.

  • 2. Treat Your Life Positively

    You should not see only negativity everywhere. This mood takes your living energy away. Instead of complying something, be thankful for something worse never happened.

  • 3. This Week, Do Something You Had Never Done Before

    Routine can get you tired. If you meet the same people, eat the same food and do the same job every day, try making your life different. Escaping your comfort zone increases your chance to catch your luck.

Yes, some people are born with privileges already. But it is not worth to blame life or other people in your unlucky moments. Take personal responsibility for your happiness.

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