Three Steps to a Better Life

Better Life Steps

20% of people hate their profession, but spend a significant part of their life at work. Use the simple method in order to understand your motives, to get what you want and to avoid becoming one of those job-haters.

Every human has their calling, there are no exceptions. Everyone has talents to activities they can be the best at. You can be an artist, a poet, an essay writer, a designer, an astronaut, etc. The trouble is, it’s not that simple to find that activity. You won’t understand what is yours until you try.

There is a method consisted of three steps: awareness, course and action. We are going to describe them all shortly and show you exercises you can do right now.

Everything valuable was led to life thanks to this method of three steps. People pass them and make their lives better even not consciously knowing about these steps.

Step 1: Awareness

There will be no changes in your life until you awake in the morning thinking that it is time to change something. In order to not to wait for this beautiful morning to happen, you can do a smart trick: ask yourself right questions.

There are three main questions to start with:

  1. What is wrong with you and your life?
  2. What doesn’t satisfy you?
  3. What and how exactly would you like to change?

Here is the first exercise. Write 3-5 points from every field of your life. If nothing comes to your mind at once, then think about every point as long as you need.

What Doesn’t Satisfy You and What You Want to Change?

  • In relationship with your partner:__________
  • In relationship with your family: __________
  • In relationship with your children: __________
  • In relationship with your parents: __________
  • In your job: __________
  • In your incomes: __________
  • In your own personality: __________
  • In your body: __________
  • In your health status: __________

This list is your starting point. It is better for you to look it through from time to time in order to track the progress and to remind yourself about fields of your life that need changes.

Step 2: Course

The awareness about things in your life that don’t satisfy you is not enough. You need to understand what to do with these facts next. This is the moment when finding the right course is essential.

One of the possible variants is to look for your calling through actions. When you don’t know what you would like to do for the whole life, try everything you can. One day you’ll get lucky. But this way takes lots of time and resources.

The other way is to use your personal experience. Perform a simple exercise to do that.

1. What Would You Be Busy with if You Were Rich?

Imagine that you are indecently rich. You can even write down a sum of funds you need to feel yourself in absolute comfort. You are so rich you can do whatever you want.

Write down five activities you’d go it for. They should be real activities (not “lying on the ocean coast”), that need your participation. Your goal is to think out a job that will make you happier.

  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  4. __________
  5. __________

2. What Would You be Busy with if You Were Poor?

Now think the opposite. Imagine that you’ve lost your job and you don’t have any instruments to live well. Think out five activities you’ll be able to earn money with. Take into account the fact, that this is your chance to start everything from the blank page, so choose things you really like.

  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  4. __________
  5. __________

3. What Activities Make You Happier?

Happy Human

And the last task. Write down five of your favorite activities you are ready to go in for during hours. These are your hobbies, points about “lying on a sofa” and “doing nothing” won’t fit.

  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  4. __________
  5. __________

Your right course is hidden in these three lists. Read them attentively once more and decide where you will move.

Step 3: Action

The most important stage is now. Two previous steps will continue being dreams without this one. Choosing the direction will help you set precise goals. Divide your goals on separate actions. And act.

All that is needed: gradual everyday job; small, but real steps.

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