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Biology is a name for a general branch of natural sciences about living organisms. This is a large and comprehensive science discipline divided into numerous sub disciplines. Writing an essay on biology will be much easier if to choose, describe and analyze any definite subtopic. The article below is to help you in your choice.

Biology essay can be of various shapes: for instance, from general essay about science to specialized texts about microbiology and microbes. There are some main directions you may follow while writing.

General Essay on Biology

When writing a general biology essay, you can describe this branch of natural science as it is, and mention its importance for modern human as well. Writing your text as an expository of different biological disciplines (zoology, botany, anatomy, etc.), you can use the latest investments and researches as subtopics for your text at the same time. For example, why not to talk about human cloning research progress and the latest neural prosthesis technology?

What do you think is biology? What is the mission of biologists according to your mind? Do you find biology important and why? Answer these questions, and you’ll get the way of composing your essay on biology.

Special Biology Essay

This is a way for those who tries to find something deeper than just writing a science description. Well, this topic has its own special definitions to mention, separate disciplines to discuss and important questions to answer. Find your point of concentration while reading the following.

Medicine of Today

DNA Close Look

This is a topic which can be positioned from both practical use or philosophic discussion sides. Is the importance of biology for modern human to be called undisputed? Or maybe you think “alternative” medical cures to be more effective than “classic” ones? Are medical workers so-called “angels on Earth”, or they are just regular professionals? How do you think?

Plus, here you can write about revolutionary technologies found in the field of medical and biological science. One of the latest news: Chinese scientists of Sichuan University in Chengdu made a first real try in finding a cure on cancer, tested on a human. A good topic for biology essay, isn’t it?

Genetics and Human Cloning

If to go deeper into the context of biology, genetics is what everything else has its basis on. Nowadays, this special science came close to one more revolution. Cloning – artificial growing of human organism’s living copy, based on the material of one’s genes.

Researches made on cloning since 1950’s constantly meet social protests, rivals appeal to the immorality of cloning. What are your thoughts about this? Do you find cloning a potentially useful technology? Or you stand for it to be forbidden? 

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