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Brainstorm Team

In order to solve various types of problems in different fields, they use a plenty of effective methods. Brainstorm method gained its especial spread and popularity among these ways. Our team of writers often has to use it while writing orders for you. Today, we are going to talk about what brainstorm exactly is.

What Is a Brainstorm Method?

Brainstorm method was created in 1941 in USA. It helps to solve troubles operatively, and it is based on stimulating the creative activity of persons involved into it. People offer the biggest possible variety of solutions. After all the ways are mentioned, they choose those which fit practical realization the most. Brainstorm is usually consisted of three obligatory stages, different in organization and providing rules.

Main Brainstorm Stages and How to Build Them

  • 1. Problem Description

    This stage is said to be the preparatory one. Here the trouble is to be “shaped”, participants are to be chosen and roles given (leader, assistants etc.). Roles are to be given according to the special features of the problem and the form of a brainstorm itself.

  • 2. Ideas Generation

    Brainstorm Idea

    This is the main stage, and the success of the whole process depends on it. That is why it is important to keep up to next rules:

    • - As many ideas as possible, no limits;
    • - Even fantastic, absurd and non-standard ideas are considered;
    • - Ideas should be (and are to be) combined and improved;
    • - No criticism or estimation for supposed ideas.
  • 3. Ideas Selection, Systematization and Estimation

    The concluding stage, but not less important one. Teams often lose it from their sight and it is not good. It is important to understand that this stage helps to choose really effective ideas and to lead the whole brainstorm process to the common result. Criticism and estimation are welcome here, unlike during the previous stage. The success depends on the teamwork and finding the common and the best ways to solve the topical problem.

Brainstorm Team

As a rule, there are two groups providing the brainstorm. The first one includes people who generate ideas, the second one is formed from so-called committee, which processes the presented solutions. 

In the brainstorm, the group of people consisted of the leader and specialists takes part. As soon as the leader forms the main task, specialists start presenting their ideas. If there are workers of different positions, ranking, social status etc., the best way to start presenting solutions is to begin from the lowest ranked worker and to gradually proceed to leaders and chiefs. This is to be made in order to avoid the “agree-with-chief” psychological effect.

Another interesting thing is that, ideas which appear at the very beginning of the brainstorm look as average, common and trivial ones, yet as the participants get involved into the creative process, original and unusual suggestions appear. The leader writes down all the presented solutions during the whole process. After that, their selection, analysis and development are made. The most effective and original way to solve the topical problem is the brainstorm result

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