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Below one can find the sample of a business essay our authors often have to write. It is referred to sales process.

40% of sales teams don’t have prepared sales scripts. So, is having an organized sales process that important for a successful business? The answer is “Yes”, even if you have the most talented and skilled team ever. And here is why.

Reason #1: Sales Process Means System

Having sales process described guarantees every member of your team to know what actions to take while hunting the lead, preparing or providing the sale. Companies which don’t have it can lose even the easiest client due to the lack of a proper sale structure.

Additionally, when managers understand how the sale is going, the general quality of company’s service receives a good boost and marketing activities become more efficient, attracting more and more potential customers. As a result, the chance to achieve the estimated sales plan increases on 88%.

Reason #2: Incomes Increase

First, some statistics: companies which have organized their process of sale, close up to 50% more deals getting 18% more income.

Smooth and systemized sales process helps managers to filter leads, and to prioritize “the hottest” of them. Team can focus directly on actions and activities which are essential for achieving the positive result of every single deal.

When working with quality leads, which are more likely to make a purchase, the whole sales process takes less time. Plus, successful deal means satisfied client. This client can probably buy more from your company in future.

Additional thing: your sales team gets a significant performance level-up due to a clear service quality control and good statistics. Motivated workers are essential for the company’s development and growth.

Reason #3: Trend

Business Trend

Statistics again: 80% of companies think they provide an outstanding service, but only 8% of clients agree with them.

Having a well-organized sales process helps your team to understand the needs of every customer better. Moreover, once these needs change, you can instantly modify the process according to new trends.

Nobody can tell how the perfect sales process should look like. But numbers and facts show every successful business needs to develop it. Company with its sale script properly planned and described has a 33% chance of becoming the leader of the market.

You don’t think it’s an accident, do you?

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