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Lucky you are if you have a relative or neighbor who can become the main, though “hidden”, hero of your case study in Psychology. Please don’t get me wrong now. What I mean is that you are a really lucky student if you can easily find an example of some real clinical case and write a good paper based on it.

However, if you are searching for some both compelling and pragmatic topics for your case study now, we are happy to throw out to you the following ideas. We hope they will inspire you to present an outstanding project!

Writing on Mind Wandering

So, are you and your groupmates discussing the topics for the assignment now? Or have you finally given it up and switched to the latest news from the government, letting your minds wander across the reforms and strikes?

Wait! Why not choose it as a basis for your work? No, no, not those reforms, but the issue of mind wandering. Why can this very topic be worth writing about? Well, it’s modern and controversial. What else do you need.

Yet, speaking seriously, psychologists and neuroscientists are trying to explain this phenomenon and answer the question: what makes our brain generate spontaneous ideas when it is supposed to be concentrated on a task that is absolutely different from them. Indeed, the clear answer would be the clue to understanding the peculiarities of our thinking patterns and their disorders.

So, you could learn more definitions of the term, check what scientists say about the advantages and disadvantages of mind wandering, as well as conduct your own experiment to prove whether we really benefit from such capability of our brain or not.

Frozen Face

Writing on Mood Freezing

Before you start searching for the theory, let me tell you about one interesting experiment. By the way, you can repeat it together with your mates. It’s absolutely harmless, I promise.

All you need is to find several very irritated people who are willing (or say that they are willing) to take some antidepressants. However, beforehand you should prepare a few simple pills – let it be some hard mints, like Tic Tac. Yeah, Tic Tac would be great.

So, you should tell your “patients” that these are the best medicine to relieve stress and anxiety ever! Make them believe that as soon as they swallow the mint, they will feel much calmer. The real experiment showed that those who believed in the positive effect of the “medicine”, did feel better!

Learn more about it and build your own research on your findings!

Writing on Happiness Phobia

We keep talking about X ways of getting happy, staying happy, radiating happiness, and so on. But have you ever thought of those people who may be afraid of it? If you are interested not only in psychology, but also in different non-Western cultures, such topic will be more than compelling for you because in most cases the attitude to happiness is tightly connected with people’s religion, culture, and history.

Still, even if you are not very familiar with overseas religions and traditions, the article published in Scientific American a few years ago might inspire you. Most studies, described in it, revealed that people did tend to be afraid of experiencing “too much” happiness because of even bigger fear to lose it.

Muse over this issue when writing your case study, find some related materials, and surprise your mates and professor with your discoveries.

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