Deadline as a Friend

Deadline Approaching

Two days left till the project’s presentation and you still haven’t worked on it? It is time to start hating your deadline! It leads to the stress, lowers your self-esteem and can even cause a depression. Our pro text writers know about that for sure.

Still, terms can be and must be used smartly, like any other instrument. If to do everything right, you can turn your deadline into a friend. Especially if to talk about self-development and personal growth.

What are the advantages of having a strict deadline?

It Helps to Create a Schedule

It is obvious. One can’t organize anything without planning and scheduling it. Imagine if trains arrived without schedules. The same thing works for job and life in general. Chaos comes where there is no plan.

Divides a Project into Small Parts

This is extremely useful when one works on big projects. It helps you understand where you exactly are. And what’s more important, it causes less stress, because of leading you to small victories. This is how you can summarize every single day, not just a week or a month.

Helps to Set Priorities

When there is a lot of work and not enough time, you need to choose where to devote your valuable time. Additionally, it is important to know what part of the project to work on at the chosen moment. If you don’t feel creative enough, maybe it is good to finish some routine work?

Helps to Plan Small Tasks (Like Calls)

In order to not answer to emails and calls hundred times a day, you should choose a certain period of time for yourself to do that. This is how you deal with all the irritators in a couple minutes, and won’t have to come back to them during the day.

Allows You to Summarize a Day

If you worked well, it is time to sum it all up and to be proud of yourself. If you didn’t, then there still is some time to fix it all after supper. Daily results’ review has a great influence on your motivation.

When a Deadline Is a Friend

1. You’ll Have Days When Everything Is Done till Midday

Yes, these days will appear, have no doubts. And this is a great feeling about one’s job: a mix of pride and freedom, satisfaction and knowing what is achieved.

Now what? You’ve got no job till the next morning. You can:

  • Visit a theatre or cinema;
  • Watch movie series;
  • Read a book;
  • Throw away old things;
  • Sweep your PC;
  • Cook a magnificent supper.

You earned that.

2. You’ll Notice a Significant Stress Level Denial

Stress Decrease

Stress is influenced by time pressure directly. When you don’t have your daily schedule, and don’t know how much job left, stress increases with every single minute passing. Yet once you take a look onto your organizer and see everything is according to a plan, calmness comes next.

Imagine that you’ve finished your project one month before the deadline. It is the right time to sum it all up and relax, isn’t it?

3. You’ll Have Time for Family and Friends

People often forget about their loved ones. They work in for those people, they want to wonder them, to make presents and to feed their family. But they don’t devote their time to close people at all.

Those who were able to take their deadline under control and do their job precisely, will always have time for their family.

Make a deadline your friend, and you’ll see how many advantages it will bring.

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