How to Get Rid of Despondency

Bad Mood

There are days when human can feel depressed and having his energy storages empty. It can be difficult to stay in a good mood when that happens.

It’s an easy thing to get influenced by gloom. Yet there are some simple tricks which can help you get rid of it. Read some advices from the authors of and free yourself of sadness next time it comes to get you.

Listen to the Inspirational Music

If you wish to get out of a sad mood, get away from “evil” or depressive music. Despite having a strong wish to fill your ears with someone’s cry of desperation, don’t do that! It is much better to listen to something inspirational, as it could give your internal batteries some energy charge.

Make Your Mood Better Through Movement

Movement is far better for you to get some spiritual energy than lazy sitting near the computer or lying on a bed with a laptop. That is one of reasons why “Russian hills” and skateboarding give so much satisfaction and pleasure. When you start feeling sad, go and do something that requires movement, and your status will become much better. Go somewhere by car, have a bike or roll trip. The faster you move – the better is for your mood. Still, be careful on the road!

Freshen Up

Once human falls into a melancholy or depression, they can walk in a pajama during the whole day. They don’t make hairdressing, don’t use cosmetics, don’t shave etc. If you want to stop feeling despondent: put your best dress on and freshen up your look. Confidence in the fact you look on a 100% will give you additional energy charge, too.

Clean Your House (Flat, Apartment)

Home cleaning is a great way to leave sadness and despondency behind. Our environment often reflects our internal status. When we don’t like a place, we live in, we delay washing and cleaning “for tomorrow”. In order not to let this happen, get up and clean your living space. Positive emotions coming from the finished deal and clean shining surfaces will add your mental state some good cheerful fuel. This is great for going out of sadness.

Clean Up

Hug Somebody for a Long Time

Hugs help to make humans feel themselves way better actually for nothing. Just hug your loved ones (wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, friends, children), charge your organism with oxytocin and have a good time!

Watch a Funny Movie

This way is good for extremely heavy wounds you’ve got from despondency. Why so? Because you can watch moving pictures without changing your classical depressing position: you don’t need to get out of your bed. Cool thing, huh? Any film making you smile or laugh will give you a piece of good mood. Yet don’t continue laying on your back when the film ends. Go and use the received energy to do something cool (use one of the ways described above, for instance) and stop feeling despondent.


Meditation is a perfect way to save your nerves and to lower the voltage of your emotional instability. Sit or lay on the bed for 15 minutes keeping your eyes closed and concentrating on breathing deeply. This will help you to calm down and get your thoughts clear.

If You’re Depressed, Do Some Exercises

Most part of us heard physical activity to be a great way to stimulate your despondent mind. If your sadness and depression eats you from the inside, go for a walk, run in a slow tempo, or visit the local gym.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to stop feeling despondent. Act instead of sitting still when sadness or depression hits you next time. Turn your mood on. Even if the situation seems to be hopeless, you have enough internal powers and energy to make it all good!

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