Dreams Come True: Modify Your Reality Skillfully


There are a lot of different methods which can help you. Here you have some of them, offered by our writers.

Wishes Will Come True

Of course, everybody wants every wish to come into reality as soon as it is made. It is sad to say, but sometimes your wishes cannot come true at all. So, what you should do to make your wish a reality is to understand if it is possible at all.


The formulation has to be clear and have a positive connotation. It will help you concentrate on the achievement of the greatest result. You should say that you wish to get a good job instead of saying that you do not want to get a bad job.


Your intention or eagerness must not be abstract. You should plan your way in the smallest details. You can keep these in mind, but if you want to reach the greater result, you can write down everything you imagine.

Use the Present Time

The future time is not practical, so it is not useful. You should say to yourself that you do sports to keep fit instead of saying that you will be in a good shape. Definitely, you must go do sports, because just repeating this phrase will not help.

Expand the Boundaries

You should not exclude the possibility, that your wish can be brought into life spontaneously. You can get a gift or win the lottery. Your fate can give you a lot of things. This is possible, but you should not stop working on fulfilling your aims. You should find more opportunities and expand the boundaries of your imagination to reach your target.

Remember About Visualization

You can draw pictures, comics or make themed clippings. You can also have a big map of your dreams where you can note all of your wishes. A more original variant is to compose your dream of the fridge magnets. Anyway, you should do everything you want, but the aim of visualization is to help you see the way to your dreams as many times as it is possible.


Nothing happens just at once. Sometimes it has to be the right moment for special dreams. So, you should not expect to get everything at once and have to wait a little bit.


If you complete all the mentioned steps, you will see what your real desire is. You should not forget that all of your wishes can come true only after your relevant activities. You just must be active to make your dreams come true.

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