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We all know students of both colleges and universities sometimes get blown up with an empty head while thinking about a suitable essay topic. That’s why we’ve got some interesting and actual discussion matters collected in one article. Maybe, you’ll choose one for yourself. Or this will help you think out your own essay writing topic.

Space Researches: Great Perspectives or Waste of Time?

Since the first USSR astronaut Yuri Gagarin landed after his historical flight in April of the year 1961, space science went a lot further. Humanity got to the Moon, Venus and Mars. Recently, in 2013, “Voyager-1” became the only human-created device which flew away of the Solar System.

Are there any possible reasons for all those researches to be useful in future? Maybe, you think the outer space is empty, and that’s why mankind shouldn’t waste time and money trying to get far beyond our own planet? Or are you afraid of something we can meet there?

Your thoughts on the topic are worth being heard.

Alien Civilizations: Reality or Fantasy?

This is a question which bothers people’s minds very often. We’ve got numerous science fiction films, books and video games trying to show what others space civilizations might look like. Scientists promote theories which lead to many different conclusions.

And what are your thoughts about this? Is our civilization the only one, brought to life due to a fortunate accident? Or there are some other intelligent creatures, existing in their own worlds far away from Earth? Should we look for the way to contact them, or we’d better to stay low and unnoted?

Nuclear Weapons: Restraining Factor or Unnecessary Barbarism?

There are numerous international organizations, making efforts to regulate the spreading of nuclear weapons and to declare their quantity in countries’ arsenals. With the rise of different terroristic groups in our times, the question of nuclear safety became only more actual. Some utopic initiatives call governments to refuse such a devastating power, and to utilize every military nuclear device so it would never be used.

On the other hand, theorists and analytical experts call the possible nuclear threat the only factor which holds humanity from another world war.

And what do you think? Does humanity need nuclear weapons? Or would it be better to put this dangerous weapon away?

Internet: Degradation vs Development

When Internet started entering our life, it used to be a military technology. Then it transformed to a global informational storage. And now it is a part of one’s day. Internet means communicating, entertaining, seeing news, making scientific researches and providing seminars.

Yet at the same time Internet is said to be dangerous. Unconfirmed information, anonymous publications, unavailability of any control instruments, tons of pornographic and violent materials and so on, so on, so on. Plus to this, society becomes more and more addicted to the Internet.

How do you see the situation to develop? Is the Internet a way to get knowledge at any time, or to make humans unable to think at all?

Virtual Reality: Social Runaway or Progress?

VR helmets are new to come, yet we can call them a fast-growing technology. Nowadays, people have all the possible reasons to say that virtual reality devices will totally change the experience from our interaction with computers.

What will this new reality look like? Will it become an engine which brings us to the new scientific and social horizons? Or maybe virtual world is going to become a place for those who live with no future and try to hide from the real problems?

These were some ideas on essay writing for you.

Didn’t find anything you could use? Don’t get too far, our new article with more ideas is coming!

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