How to Fall Asleep Faster

Sleepy Person

Researches show that lack of sleep can cause the wish to consume lots of carbohydrates and sugar products. Sleepy journalists, doctors and essay writers can’t work on their limits. Drivers who spend 18 hours without sleep drive a car as if they drank alcohol.

  • 1. 60-minute “Slowdown”

    We are on the move during the whole day, we work both physically and mentally, we perform lots of actions. That is why a sudden switch to the calm “night mode” is rude for your brain and body. Trying to fall asleep without switching to the slow rhythm is wrong. That is why you shouldn’t work or have physical loads for an hour before going to bed. Get off your worries, relax, meditate, prepare for falling asleep.

  • 2. Don’t Go to Bed Until You Feel Sleepy

    It can be complicated, because sleep regime you got used to already is a strong factor. Going to bed one hour earlier in order to wake up till the required time is not the best strategy, especially if you are full of energy during that hour. Your body and mind will not be ready to sleep, and falling asleep will be difficult due to that.

  • 3. Have a Warm Shower

    This way may seem senseless first. But medics say it really works, After warm water procedures, body temperature decreases. This causes sleepy feeling because of heart rhythms and other metabolism processes slowdown.

  • 4. Relaxation Exercises

    Meditation, visualization, or muscle relaxation will help you relax. Still, you shouldn’t wait for the nigh to come. Use these exercises during the day, and not only during moments when you are worried with something. This is the way for you to learn controlling of your conditions and to use exercises effectively.

  • 5. Breathing Exercises

    While falling asleep, humans often spin around themselves in order to find the most comfortable body position. Yet it is better to concentrate on the right breathing technique, not to place your legs and arms. By changing your breaths, you can change your heartbeat frequency and blood pressure, and these are systems connected with falling asleep. Numerous specialists recommend making a deep breath-in with your nose, and then to breath-out the air through the mouth two times slower.

    There are many exercises like that. For instance, the “4-7-8 method”. 4 seconds for breathing in, then holding a breath for 7 seconds, and breathing the air out of your lungs during 8 seconds. You shouldn’t use a timer, it is enough to count it with your mind. Try feeling the air in the lower part of your stomach when taking a breath.

    Another advice is from Patrick Jane, the main hero of “The Mentalist” series. During one of episodes, he recommended quite a simple way to fall asleep faster. The technique is as follows: when you take a breath in, think “one”, when breathing out, think “two”. Concentrate on your breathing and counting completely, getting rid of any other thoughts with your will.

  • 6. Control Your Thoughts

    The point is to concentrate your attention on something that will replace your anxious thoughts and worries not letting you sleep. The simplest thing is the well-known oral count, or sheep counting as well.

    The technique which is more complicated, but still really effective, is about meditating. Lie comfortably, close your eyes and relax. Start visualizing scenes from your memory (better real ones) that calm you down.

    Like a green forest in the village where you visited your grandma and grandpa. Fresh air, water, bird singing, summer weather… Or a room in a house where you grew up, a chair, a plaid, an old favorite book with a special smell of its pages.

    It is important for these scenes to be really individual, connected to the required mental and emotional states: relaxation, peacefulness, safety. Every detail matters: Place yourself into that situation and be in it completely. There shouldn’t appear any other thoughts.

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