Writing a New Essay on Why Learn Foreign Languages: Alternative Ideas

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It is actually a very interesting, many-faceted topic. Despite the fact that your elder sibling or friend also wrote a college essay on it a year ago. And what’s more promising about this assignment, you still have a chance to stand out and come up with a few non-standard reasons for learning a foreign language in your paper. So, let’s make your professor reconsider what he or she knows on this issue!

Reason 1: You’ll Understand Your Mother Tongue Much Better

As soon as you face the necessity to comprehend and explain yourself absolutely unfamiliar language phenomena, you will see that your command of mother tongue deepens proportionately. What’s the trick here? The interesting thing is that your native language helps you out with a foreign one, literally.

You will once realize that in order to make out a “foreign” grammatical issue, you need to compare it with your “native” grammar. And if you want to learn a new idiom, you cannot go without finding an equivalent for it in your “native” vocabulary. That’s how it works. By the way, it is called comparative linguistics. And I think, I’ll type my new essay blog post on it somehow.

Reason 2: You Broaden Your Horizons and Cultivate Tolerance

One of my friends has recently started learning Korean, and now she keeps talking about…No, no, not Korean doramas. Okay, not ONLY about Korean doramas. So, she’s got really interested in history and culture of both North and South Koreas. She follows Asian news. Probably, that’s how it is when you find really YOUR foreign tongue.

Still, what I mean here is that leaning it makes you look at our world and universe from a slightly different angle. Imagine yourself in a huge dark hall. One language is only one source of light. It lets you see only a small part of this hall. However, every new language you learn gives you more and more light to see what’s really going on in this hall.

Reason 3: You Develop Creative Skills

Learning a language cannot go without writing essays, retelling stories, and playing various linguistic games. All these exercises add to your creativity. Just think how you could benefit if you did them regularly!

I’ll tell you even more. Imagine what your brain does in order to understand and remember an absolutely new combination of sounds and symbols. By the way, it has been proved that if you learn languages which feature different writing systems, you do make your brain upgrade your creative skills. So, if you are a native English speaker, for example, then you can easily choose from Chinese, Russian, or Georgian.

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Reason 4: You Get Better at Multitasking and Decision-Making

An interesting study from the Pennsylvania State University proved that multilingual people, and especially children, are much better at doing several things almost at a time and making spontaneous decisions. When you can speak several languages (fluency does not mean much in this very case), you make your brain switch between very different patterns and decide quickly which one to choose in this or that situation.

So, when you face any other life circumstances, which are not connected with choosing the suitable language, you are still able to use those skills quite effectively. Because your brain is used to such tasks.

Reason 5: You Can Get an Exciting Job of Language Analyst in FBI!

And not only in FBI. Of course, the proficient command of a certain foreign tongue only is not enough to work for this organization, or for the US Air Force, or for MI5. However, if you visit their official websites, you will see that they look for language analysts or cryptologic language analysts.

These specialists research, analyze, and translate various kinds of information of national, even international, concern. So, if you will once decide to change your career, consider such profession as well.

Good luck with your writing!

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