3 Geniuses Who Were Awful Students

Probably everyone got into this situation while being a child: you come home from school with a bad grade, and parents start that talk, like “You stopped studying at all! You need to try harder!” “Did geniuses study badly?” – they ask. “Yes!” – you answer, and show this essaycrest.com article.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

The little kid Thomas Edison was a troubling pupil. The boy suffered a dyslexia and it was difficult for him to perceive written texts correctly. Additionally, the process of studying itself where everything was based on a simple remembering of the info could not attract the future genius at all. The boy was interested in a structure of things, he wanted to know about everything around him, and that is why he could put questions teachers could not always answer. No wonder, he was the worst pupil in his class. One of teachers even called him retarded.

Edison’s father thought his son was unable to reach something as well. Only his mother, Nancy, believed in him. She took the boy away from school and started teaching him at home. Everyone knows the result – Thomas Edison became one of the most genuine inventors of late XIX – early XX century. Thanks to his mother’s faith only.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

One of the leading politicians of XX century. He was the head of UK government during World War Two.

Churchill’s school years can’t be called successful, too. He liked geography and history, and could not remember a thing from math and Latina.

When the boy came to his 12, he passed the entrance exam into Harrow’s school. That was the first exam in his life which he proudly failed. Why “proudly”? Because they still took him to school. The surname of Spencer-Churchill which the boy received from his powerful grandpa was the serious factor here. Still, Winston came to the weakest class, and got his father seriously upset with this fact.

The boy could find his favorite subjects: English language, geography, fencing and military science. On pre-exams of soldiery he got the best grades among all the students. Winston started thinking about a career in the army and tried to enter the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Only his third try was successful.

Honore de Balzac

Honore de Balzac

The famous French writer never felt passionate about studying. Honore did not like college where his parents told him to enter. Really, what to like it for, when parents never visit you during the year or take you home for vacations? It is not a wonder, that a young boy abstracted from the outer world and dived deeply into himself when being surrounded by loneliness.

He was not interested in any subject or science, so teachers decided him to be stupid lazy-bones. Besides, Balzac’s fate is quite similar to that of Harry Potter. Honore had to spend much time in the chamber under the stairway, such kind of a “ward” for bad students. Still, that was fine for him ,as there he could spend all the time on reading books he liked very much.

What can be taken as a lesson here? Young Balzac just preferred things that really worried him, and then turned his hobby into his life.

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