5 Habits That Pull You Down

Sometimes, habits that you do not even notice can have a great influence on your thoughts and deeds. Many of them do not allow you to enjoy your life as it is. Writers of Essaycrest prepared a stack of 5 most popular bad habits for you to muse over.

Habit Pulls Down

1. The Habit of Not Keeping Promises

Many people keep promises given to others but forget about themselves. You promise yourself to start running, eating healthy, watching your health, changing a job, and so on. At this moment, you have achieved your goal emotionally, and that is why you have abandoned it at the very beginning. Once you get used to this and lose control upon your own mind.

To get rid of this habit, reward yourself for every goal you achieve, for each promise you could keep.

2. The Habit of Skipping the Alarm Clock

When switching your alarm clock off and allowing yourself to sleep 10 minutes more, you lose your first battle that day. This is how you tune yourself up for a chain of possible failures.  

You probably noticed that sleeping till the afternoon does not charge you with energy, but, on the contrary, such long sleep takes it away. Morning is a very promising part of your day. Try spending it smartly.

3. The Habit of Using Smartphone Before Sleep

This habit influences your health negatively. Blue light, coming out of the screen of your smartphone, interrupts the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This can lead to insomnia, vision troubles, fatigue, and even ontological diseases.

Put your smartphone away in 1-2 hours before going to bed. It is better to read the book: spending time that way will be useful for both your health and self-development.

4. The Habit of Blaming Yourself for Your Past

Everyone feels sorry about their past sometimes. But the way how you think and analyze your own deeds, influences your future.

When saying “I should do this…”, you judge yourself for something that went not according to the plan. When saying “I could have done this…”, you judge yourself for possibilities that were lost. When saying “I had to do this…”, you judge yourself for the lack of knowledge and experience that could improve the situation.

Thoughts like those draw you a picture of a bright but unreal future. Concentrate on something good in your life instead. Think what you are thankful for at this moment. Instead of “If I could…” say to yourself: “Next time, I will definitely…”

5. The Habit of Agreeing with Everything


People are always afraid to lose something, to miss something. So, they say “yes” to any possibility that appears, even if they are not completely sure that their decision is right.

Of course, the ability to suddenly throw yourself into adventures is a good feature of one’s character. But you must set your own priorities. And do not to forget what is important for you, not for someone else. Fight that habit.

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