Advice List on Happiness

Happiness is Close

Somewhere deep inside their souls, people always dream about happiness. And if it seemed to be something unreachable before, then nowadays brain science gives everyone some instruments for getting their happiness. Here go some easy tips from our essay authors which can help you catch up with the good mood and become a bit happier just right now.

  1. 1. See Your Small Victory

    Or even three victories – this will be even better, won’t it? Just take a list of paper and write down three things you did well today, yesterday, or during the past week. You don’t think so, but you really reach your success every day. Your victories are small and you often don’t mention them. But if you’ll be able to notice them constantly, this will be enough for your brain to “turn on” the happiness.

    Noticing your small victories, you make your brain to throw out dopamine – a hormone of happiness – into your organism. This is better then gathering that dopamine while waiting for a great victory. Additionally, your satisfaction from the great success won’t last long.

    If you teach yourself to notice small details, you’ll be able to feel lots of little joys.

  2. 2. Plan Something New

    Dopamine, one of the happiness hormones, is able to suddenly make your mood great. It is produced in moments we start doing some new projects: home renewal, great party, moving to another city. This planning calls out our activeness and imagination, as it is connected to the achievement of important life goals.

    So, if you feel sad, get up to work: plan scenery of any holiday for children, your birthday, or think about your dreams and goals for the next year.

  3. 3. Do Something Unusual

    Happiness is always nearby. You only need to see it. And you’ve got to open your mind in order to do that. The feeling of happiness and optimism will appear once you get out of the limits of a current situation and free yourself from your own borders.

    To get your happiness dose, do something that will bring you some new experience. Watch a video-lesson on Chinese, read a book of any unfamiliar genre, talk to your group mates about something you don’t know at all (not about studying, of course). In a couple words: try something new!

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