10 Ways to Make your Mood Better

Bad days happen to anyone. The point is to avoid diving into negativity and to be able to switch your attention. There are easy tricks from essaycrest.com that will help you do that.

  • 1. Cheerful Playlist

    Student Mood Playlist

    Make up a playlist consisting of your favorite tracks that can charge you with energy. Keep away from melancholy: sad music will feed your sad mood even more.

  • 2. Physical Activity

    Do not forget about the connection between mental and physical health. American Psychology Association recommends including physical exercises into psychotherapy schemes. That is why you should dance, jump, do easy warm up: any physical activity is okay to stimulate your organism to produce endorphins.

  • 3. Call Your Friend

    You have group chats with friends for sure. So, message them there: a good portion of support, jokes and cat stickers will fix the situation obligatory. Things can go even better: call close people or meet them. Pleasant social activities make people happier.

  • 4. Reason to Laugh

    If your friends can’t help you fast, then go look for some fun in Telegram, Facebook, Viber, etc.

  • 5. Simple Goals

    Bad mood and apathy take away your energy and ability to work. Don’t blame yourself: if the day is not the best, plan three simple tasks instead of ten complicated ones. Achieving the goal, even the small one, will bring your feeling of self-satisfaction back.

  • 6. A Good Movie

    Go and watch new movies on a big screen: as intended, with popcorn and having a place in the last row of seats. Or have a home night of romantic comedies that can bring back your faith in humanity and Good.

  • 7. Little Wishes

    Making wishes true always has an inspiring effect. And if you can’t leave for an expected trip, then you certainly can do something a bit smaller, but still pleasant. Think what it could be. A tasty meal, a hot shower, a spontaneous purchase… Such small things work.

  • 8. Getting Back to Reality

    Meditation lowers stress level and regulates your emotions. You don’t have to sit in a lotus pose till you get enlightened; having simple exercises that help you distract from heavy thoughts and emotions will be enough.

    For instance, look through the window and describe what you see. No grades, only facts. How many cars are there? People? Buildings? What is their color, size and form? How many objects are red and how many are yellow?

  • 9. Resting Time

    Resting Student

    Bad mood is often the result of stress and tiredness. If that is your case, then allow yourself to have a rest. Put away your phone and your tasks, look through a magazine, have a walk or just nap a bit. A short timeout is doubtfully able to provoke the apocalypse happening, but it actually can help you restore your energy and good mood.

  • 10. Thank Yourself

    Another simple exercise that can help you remind yourself about things not going that bad even if it is the end of November and everything falls off your hands. Create a list of ten things you should thank yourself for. Have you had a good breakfast? Perfect! Have you read a useful article? Great! You need to find ten more reasons to thank yourself for.

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