How to Deal With Informational Overload

Information Overload

In recent times, finding the required information was much more difficult and took a lot more efforts than just typing some keywords into the search line. Nowadays, the problem is in another thing: there is too much information literally falling onto one’s head. writers tried to find out how it is possible to decrease the pressure of info onto your mind in order to have more comfort.

Finding the Cause

First, you need to find the reason of overload. In fact, many people create it on their own just through checking emails 10 times per day. Analyze your daily schedule, find things that can be done more rarely, and… do them more rarely.

Deal with Your Mailbox

Here we repeat once more: it is not worth to check email box often. For those who work mainly with it, it is good to find intervals that should not be too short. It is doubtfully reasonable to check even the most loaded email box more often than once in 30 minutes. Some companies even tell it is good to find an assistant in case if you receive more than 50 letters daily. Still, this depends only on the amount of job they bring you.

RSS lists?

A comfortable way to receive information, thought out in order to save your time. In fact, it became a Leviathan, taking away both your time and energy. What to do with that? Estimate the importance of lists. You can put them into the comfortable order to see ones that need your attention firstly.


Old good thing. It is easy to get fond of something and to spend a lot more time on Twitter or unnecessary YouTube videos. You should always put frames. Some techniques (“Pomodoro”) are built around time directly, other ones require a certain amount of self-discipline. Find the one fitting you.

Deny the “Immediately” Statement

It is not worth to interrupt the completion of a task which is really important for you and your life just in order to take a look on something that other person thinks to be important. In case if that is not a fire or a nuclear strike alarm, you can finish the ongoing task first. Do not even try looking through the info that came to you. Turn off all the notifications. You’ll know it all later.

You Can’t Grasp the Immensity

ever try to know everything. Keep an eye on things that are really important to you, and where you can find easy and comfortable pieces of information. Exclude all the info-junk which is useless for you. That is easy with RSS or Google Reader. Think how to filter TV and newspaper info, if you watch and read them, too.

Say “No” to informational overload!

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