Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Negative Thinking Person

Anxiety feeling, insomnia: this is the result of negative thoughts dominating upon your mind. Here are some easy actions that will bring your positive attitude towards life back and make a glass be always half-full.

The way you look at the world determines your attitude towards life. If you are pessimistic about it and you see only bad things, then it is no wonder you meet troubles with studying, family problems, constant anxiety feeling and bad mood.

Moreover, it is easy to let negative thoughts capture you, and look: a day, a week, a month passes and you see only black color everywhere. It is not easy to take these “dart glasses” off. Still, you better know some tricks from our positive essay writing experts that will help you get rid of them.

  • 1. Play with Time

    An easy way to defeat negative thoughts: is to devote only 10 minutes of your day to them. You don’t think your pessimistic thoughts during all day, you’ve got determined time for that. This is how you can learn to control your thoughts and feelings during short trainings.

  • 2. Best Friend

    You often treat yourself as your greatest enemy: you quarrel yourself for the smallest misses, you constantly stop and blame yourself in something. There are three simple steps that will let you stop this self-killing process.

    Don’t Hold Yourself Back

    If you want to cry, to shout, to hit the wall with a plate: you’re welcome. Three minutes, and it all passes away. But then you’ll feel yourself as a newborn human during the whole day.

    Track It

    You need to understand what exactly causes your negative thoughts to appear and when this happens: at work, at home, on the way to the shop, etc. This approach will let you understand why this or that situation makes you feel this or that emotion, and how to deal with it.

    Tell Yourself What Your Best Friend Would Tell

    If negative thoughts get into your head again, get distracted. Say yourself some complements, and repeat “it all will be good” a couple times.

  • 3. Pen and Paper

    Write down everything that worries you at the precise moment of time. Explain in details, why this or that event makes you feel this or that way. Written words will let you get into the problem more deeply.

    You will be able to understand the reason of your worries, then to throw that paper away and to keep going forward.

  • 4. Power of Love

    Love Against Negativity

    Instead of fighting with your negative thoughts, try to dominate them with even more powerful feeling: love. Spend more time with those you love: family, pets, old friends. You need only to look aside and to understand that there are much more reasons for love than you used to think. 

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