7 Wonderful Facts About Netherlands

Netherlands are famous by ambitious projects which make the whole world wonder every time.

The authors of our writing service think that every country should take Netherlands as an example. At least, in the achievements shown in this article.

Homeless Can’t be Found Here

Some time ago, they officially confirmed there are no more cats and dogs thrown out on the streets in the whole state. The government reached this point without hurting any animal: they just gave pets their own rights, and people who are cruel to their pets get serious punishment.

In Netherlands, There Appeared Bike Roads and Highways with Solar Batteries

SolaRoad Netherlands

So called SolaRoad project was introduced as a result of efforts brought by local government, private business and country’s higher educational establishments. The very first part of the road started functioning in 2015. Its length is no more than 100 meters, and this is still a huge step forward in building roads of the future. The idea is next: solar energy, collected by the road, is used to light streets, to charge mechanical and electric transport.

Automobile Charging Stations Are on Every 50 Meters of Roads

One of the strengths Netherlands have is stable mobility. That is why, trying to deny the usage of automobile fuel, government installed electric charge stations everywhere, as they are needed by citizens using next-generation cars.

There is a Town Where Nobody Uses Cars

The town of Houten was named the safest town on the planet. At the beginning of 1980s, its citizens have taken a strategical decision: they encouraged town’s population to use bicycles, breaking their habit to sit behind the wheel of a car for any reason. Time passed, and the habit of using bikes became a part of people’s regular life.

Government Wants to Totally Forbid Fuel Cars

In 8 years only, till 2025, the government of Netherlands plans to forbid cars working on diesel and petrol engines. Moreover, any tax payments for the use of alternative fuel cars had been cancelled here. These cars got 15000 euros cheaper due to that.

Prisons Get Closed

In the Netherlands, there has been provided a serious job on lowering the criminality level, and it brings good successful results to the state. Since 2009, due to the lack of criminals, there were closed 19 prisons. If to believe the freshest info, there are only 163 criminals on 100000 citizens in this country, this is two times less than in Brazil.

There are Forest Animal Bridges

Animal Bridge Netherlands

One of the priority tasks for local government is the protection of wild animals. In order for them to trespass the automobile highways safely, there were build several special bridges allowing animals to move from one part of the forest to another without any danger for their lives.

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