3 Geniuses Who Were Awful Students

Thomas Edison

Probably everyone got into this situation while being a child: you come home from school with a bad grade, and parents start that talk, like “You stopped studying at all! You need to try harder!” “Did geniuses study badly?” – they ask. “Yes!” – you answer, and show this essaycrest.com article.

How to Deal With Informational Overload

Information Overload

In recent times, finding the required information was much more difficult and took a lot more efforts than just typing some keywords into the search line. Nowadays, the problem is in another thing: there is too much information literally falling onto one’s head. Essaycrest.com writers tried to find out how it is possible to decrease the pressure of info onto your mind in order to have more comfort.

How to Think Out a Good Title for a Scientific Article?

Scientific Article Title

Once the problem and topic are finally chosen, it is time to title it. Most researchers do not pay the required caution to this point of their writing. But a general title is that hook that lets you get the right reader and not give fake hopes to the uninterested one. In case if you need to make them notice and read your text, follow some simple rules, as writers form essaycrest.com do.

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