Perfectionism Hurts

Sad Perfectionist

Have you felt a situation, when you have your favorite activity or hobby, but you do feel neither satisfied nor disappointed of going in for it? Writers stop writing for months, because their texts seem to them to be weird, and they want to make them perfect. Sportsmen fail to get perfect results and quit training at all. Students cannot get high marks and stop learning new subjects because of their own imperfection.

5 Habits That Pull You Down

Habit Pulls Down

Sometimes, habits that you do not even notice can have a great influence on your thoughts and deeds. Many of them do not allow you to enjoy your life as it is. Writers of Essaycrest prepared a stack of 5 most popular bad habits for you to muse over.

Essay About a Young Celebrity: Is Zhou Qi a Chinese Michael Jordan?

Basketball Match

Choosing a famous sportsman or a sportswoman as a protagonist of your college essay is always a very good idea. Firstly, everybody likes sports. Even if your professor personally doesn’t, he or she is not likely to admit it publicly. Secondly, the example with a sports celebrity will be equally appropriate for papers on very different topics, such as your role model, your motivation, your dream, etc.

Where the Names of US Universities Come from: Interesting Facts

Students in Campus

Even if you aren’t going to ask Google to show you the latest ratings of the world’s best universities, I bet, a few names have just come to your mind. It is another question what exactly has made these educational establishments so popular, that their names have turned into the synonyms to high-quality education and scientific progress. And now we’d better leave it for another research paper.

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