Passing the Exam

Exam Pass

Every exam is a stress. Authors from EssayCrest writing service would like to present you some advice on how to pass the exam.

First of all, come to the exam being prepared. Get out of the bed earlier in the morning.

Take everything you need: pens, pencils, calculator, vocabulary, watch. This will allow you to concentrate on your tasks

Exam Pass: Relax

And don’t stop being sure in yourself.

Try not to worry. Don’t talk to other students before the exam: worrying is contagious. Remind yourself you’re well prepared instead, and be ready to pass your exam well. If you feel worried before or during the exam, make a couple of slow and deep breaths to relax.

Exam Pass: Be Calm

But remain thoughtful.

Take a comfortable seat. Make sure you’ve got enough place for work. Straighten your back, and keep it like that.

Look Through Your Task

Devote 10% of your time on attentive task reading. See its key points, and decide how to plan exam time in the optimal way. Easy questions are better to be done at once: leave more time for difficult tasks. After reading through the questions, notate some ideas you might use to answer.

Answer in a Considered Way

Start from the easy tasks, which you know how to answer on, and which give higher points. The most complicated and less valuable questions should be left for later time.

Exam Pass: Guessing

If you’ve got to choose the right answer from some possible ones, try to see when you can guess.

First, exclude the answers you’re sure to be wrong. Always try to guess if there are no penalty points for this, or if you can choose some exactly wrong answers. Don’t use guessing if you don’t have enough thoughts to choose between them, or if there are penalties for this activity. The answer you choose first is right in most cases, so don’t change your mind until you’re sure it is right.

Exam Pass: Thoughts

Think on what you’re going to write during the writing exam.

Create a plan, include ideas you want to mention into it. Numerate your arguments in the appropriate order.

Writing exam is to be done concretely.

Declare your main idea in the first sentences of your answer, make an overview in the first paragraph. Then, describe concepts you mentioned in details. Support your arguments by proving examples, write quotes from books or notes if needed.

Exam Check

Devote 10% of time to check your work.

Take a look at every test question. Make sure all the questions are answered. Check your spelling and grammar, correct mistakes if they appear. Check all the math, too.

After the Test

Analyze your results.

Every exam is the preparation to the next one. Find the strategy that fits you the most. See which ones are totally not good for you, and don’t use them in future. Use your tests while preparing yourself to a yearly exam.

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