Perfectionism Hurts

Sad Perfectionist

Have you felt a situation, when you have your favorite activity or hobby, but you do feel neither satisfied nor disappointed of going in for it? Writers stop writing for months, because their texts seem to them to be weird, and they want to make them perfect. Sportsmen fail to get perfect results and quit training at all. Students cannot get high marks and stop learning new subjects because of their own imperfection.

Perfectionism. What is that? That is a destructive filter you look through during such life periods. You see everything through it: your job or studying, your life, people around, yourself. As a writer, I think this to be the main reason of a “writer’s block” or creative crisis. Perfectionism is extremely harmful for writers, and other people can suffer from it as well. Let’s see six main mistakes of perfectionists, taking writers as the overall example.

1. Self-Reproach

The writer has unreally high expectations, and they start reproaching, blaming and even punishing themselves when they fail.

2. Megalomania

It is when the writer is sure that the writer’s fate is tough and difficult, the one that not everyone can go through. This happens because of the influence of numerous pompous quotes about writing mastery.

3. Result is the Point

This phrase has nothing in common with writing, but perfectionists make a huge mistake when paying much attention to the quality and quantity of their writings, and to the outside glory they want to get.

4. Ambitions

Ambitious goals are great. But when the writer starts expecting their book to become a bestseller without making a plan, without developing a strategy and without advertising investments, they are bound to fail.

5. All at Once

Numerous writers fall into delusions when they think good texts to appear on their own. Such people think they can’t have drafts. They want to put the ready-made and edited text to the blank page all the time.

6. Fear of a Failure

Failed Perfectionist

Writers-perfectionists think about themselves as about their job too much. They think their job to be their “Self”. That is why any failure seems to be a death. They start feeling destroyed.

The reason of all these mistakes is fear. Not only for writers, but for anyone. If you know mistakes shown above, do not panic. You are not the only one of a kind. And this can be fixed. You just need to follow productive writers’ recommendations. They:

  • Find the problem and solve it;
  • Make many fast (and not always right) decisions instead of being stuck with every detail;
  • Feel happy about the other people’s acceptance, but get their main satisfaction from the writing process and life full of creativity.

That’s the secret as it is.

Let’s summarize. To bring your creativity back, you need to:

  • Beat your fear;
  • Concentrate on what you do;
  • Have patience;
  • Lower your expectations;
  • Enjoy the process
  • Get satisfied with your creativity.

Go on, despite anything. 

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