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When planning a vacation, people (and our authors as well) carefully choose the most fitting transport to deliver them to the destination point. There are only four possible ways: automobile, railway, water and air transport. The last kind is the youngest one, but it is already being wanted and respected enough.

But planes can also be reasons of serious worries and fears for people. Of course, it wouldn’t be too wise if to think only that way. To finalize, and to determine a transport which fits you the most, let’s take a look on all the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by plane.

Advantages of Travelling by Plane

  • — The most important advantage of travelling by air transport is the plane’s movement speed. You can come through thousands of miles and get where you need in a few hours. It is especially comfortable when you have limited time to rest.
  • — Plane trip doesn’t seem that tiring, unlike a train or a bus journey. You don’t need to spend days on the road here.
  • — Planes are known by the high service level. The passenger has food and drinks during the flight. Additionally, there are various ways to kill your time in a plane: watching films, reading press or looking through magazines.
  • — The passenger feels maximally comfortable during their flight. This comfort is provided by comfortable chairs, allowing people to rest and to sleep with pleasure.
  • — The view through the illuminator is impressive: snow-white clouds, beautiful landscapes and seas.
  • — Nowadays, there exists a possibility to order a ticket through phone or Internet and to forget about long queues. This service is available at any time which is comfortable for you.
  • — You can go to any country by plane. This is not always possible when travelling by train or by car.

Disadvantages of Travelling by Plane

Plane Seat
  • — The main disadvantage is the price of a ticket: it is several times higher than the price of a railway ticket.
  • — Baggage inspection procedure and passenger registration are another troubles requiring additional time.
  • — Sometimes, giving and receiving one’s baggage needs more time, it is not rare for cases to be sent by another flight.
  • — Passengers often need to perform transfers from one plane to another, this needs additional time, too.
  • — High danger: even the little breakage can cause serious consequences.
  • — Various problems, like height phobia, motion sickness and others, can appear for some people.
  • — Planes are dependent on weather seriously. For instance, when it is thunderstorm, flights are canceled as a rule.
  • — Turbulence zones which cause fear, are not too pleasant.
  • — Despite the high comfort level of seats, it is sometimes quite difficult to sit in one position for a few hours in a row.
  • — There are limitations on cellphone usage in planes, as these phones can influence the work of equipment on board. Though, in many planes this trouble is solved nowadays, and passengers are free to use their smartphones as intended.

Despite such disadvantages, planes are still the fastest transport that allows you to get to any point of the globe in hours. Most part of people prefer it. If you like travelling at a high speed with high comfort, then choose a plane. You shouldn’t worry about accidents, as there is no transport completely safe from them.

Choose this travelling way and get lots of pleasure from your journey!

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