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Someone Shows Presentation

In the 21st century almost every lesson we listen presentations of our classmates or teachers. Well, at least there is no need to make presentations on P.E. lessons but still there are plenty of subjects where it is a must to do.

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In order to make a good presentation, you ought to investigate a lot of different material on your topic, and then make an extract of all you've done. Within short time for that is given, you should show your abilities as a speaker and briefly introduce the results of your work so others can understand how weighty your research is.

Preparations & Feedbacks


Write the text of your speech beforehand to have time for practice and to be sure that you won't forget anything important or waste your precious time talking about useless stuff. Also, it would be great if you tell some jokes. It will attract more attention to the presentation and the speaker himself. On the other hand, you'd better be careful and use this advice wisely not to make a stand-up show. Use simple examples when there are parts that might be difficult to understand for others.

Images and Videos

Put some photos, images or/and videos on the slides. That will make your speech livelier and easier for others to understand examples. It is a pity, but there are strict time limits so choose the video that suits your topic the most and fits the time.


Vitally important thing for every presenter before the presentation is practice. Rehearsals will not only prepare you but also reveal the weaknesses in the structure of your presentation. Hence, it will also up the speaker's self-confidence.

Time Management

The golden rule for every presenter is to have a proper time management. During your practice you should mind the time. Check-up if your text and videos fit the dedicated time limits. Make sure that your speech is clear and short.

Sandwich Feedback

Feedback is the best way of improving your skills of presentation. Let someone see your presentation and listen to your speech. Then, ask that person about giving you an extended feedback. He/she may give you “a sandwich feedback”. That is when the listener tells you the pluses and minuses of your speech. In the end, there is a summary whether it was good or not. You may even ask what score you might receive.

Common Mistakes

Body Language

Most frequent mistakes are crossed hands and legs. Be open, and people will open their minds for you. Remember, that hands are your best assistants when you speak. Then why don't you use them? You should mind your eyes as well as hands. Keep an eye contact with those who are listening to you constantly. Never forget that THEY are your audience, not your shoes.

Hand Gestures


Voice is your weapon, so stop mumbling your speech and talk properly so everyone can hear you.


If you took the printed text of your speech with you don't read it. Even more, if you feel that you need those papers for your self-confidence let it be. Yet it would be better not to print everything but only a plan of your speech. Of course, if you want to make the whole class sleepy, reading is just for you.

Stuffed With Text

Another popular mistake is lots of text on the slides. No one will read them and slides full of text will make your presentation looks massive and boring.

Follow these simple, but essential advice list, and your presentation will be strong, persuading and informative for your audience.

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