Ways to Reload Your Life

Life Reloading

One or several fields of life of every human can go wrong regularly. You feel yourself being stuck and unable to move forward. In such cases, cosmetic changes can’t usually help. Something radical is required. Here are ways to reload your life, presented by essaycrest.com authors.

  • 1. Reload Your Diet

    Reviewing what you eat is one of the first reloads to be performed. Refuse unhealthy products by keeping up to a detox plan. It consists of the focused short-term diet, that can help your organism to get rid of toxins and start a program of losing weight or help you change your eating habits completely.

  • 2. Reload Your Clothes

    It happens many times, you open your wardrobe and think:

    • I’ve got nothing to put on;
    • Nothing here suits me;
    • There are only old things.

    This probably sounds familiar to many people, and not only women. If you are in the situation like that, reload your clothes.

  • 3. Reload Your Living

    If you start “sinking” in things every time you come to your house, then start from reloading it. Choose a room where you spend most part of your time, and complete the following actions:

    • Take everything away from it. You need to get the empty room that would allow you seeing how the open and free space there is felt;
    • Visualize the perfect view of that room;
    • Bring back only necessary things.

    As soon as you notice how organized things look in the reloaded room, you’ll probably be inspired to reload your living as a whole.

  • 4. Reload Your Rest

    We all need to rest and get away from business sometimes, especially when an emotional exhaustion is being noticed. Chronical stress exhausts you emotionally, mentally and physically. Additionally, it hurts your motivation, does not allow concentrating and can even cause health troubles. Reload your rest radically: evenings spent before the TV-set can tire you even more than studying or job.

  • 5. Reload Your Internal Clock

    If you are used to fall asleep at 6:00 AM and to wake up at 2:00 PM, then you need to reload your internal clock. Do not eat before going to bed, turn light sources off one hour before that, stay away of distractors. There is no sense in reloading the whole life is you can’t make your sleep normal.

  • 6. Reload Your Schedule

    If your schedule is filled with tasks and responsibilities, most part of which make you feel fear, then it is time to reload your schedule.

    Take a blank list of paper and start building up a new schedule. Before adding something, think if it is really needed for you. Think of it all: your responsibilities, job, tasks you need to complete on purpose, the amount of time spent on every single task, etc.

  • 7. Reload Your Finances

    If the financial stress makes a pressure upon you, you need to get your finances reloaded. Try planning your exes for a month, and do not forget to have a slight buffer. Keep up to that plan. Avoid spontaneous exes; learn to buy everything in advance (especially food supplies).

  • 8. Reload Your Goals

    Goals Reloading

    Do next:

    • Take a look of your goals determined at the beginning of the current year;
    • Choose the one you didn’t make real, and do not look to other goals there;
    • Start from that goal, as if it was the 1st of January today.
  • 9. Reload “One Hour per Day”

    Start every morning from devoting an hour to reload. Whatever happened yesterday, you start a new day:

    • 15 minutes for healthy breakfast;
    • 15 minutes for diary;
    • 15 minutes for meditation;
    • 15 minutes for physical exercises.
  • 10. Extreme Reload

    It means all the radical measures you want to take. For instance, quitting a job or stopping to contact with a certain person. You are the only one who can decide if that is to be done.

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