Simplifying One’s Life

Life simplicity is an excellent way to keep one’s head clear – that is what one of our writers think. Complexity comes on its own, and simplicity requires us to work. Why to work? Because you need to carefully think on what should stay, and what is to be thrown away. The following text is the article by essay author – he decided to share thoughts with you.

Life Simplicity

Simplicity brings you balance, freedom and joy. When I started to live simply and found out the advantages of such way of life, I started to ask myself: “Where else can I deny the irritator in my life and concentrate on something that matters?”.

Here is my list of ten the most important things one can simplify today to start living with more balance.

  • 1. Property

    Too many material values complicate your life. They exhaust your bank account, your energy and attention. They distance you from those you love and from life that is based on your real values. If you spend some time to throw negligible things away from your life you will never regret that. Revise all things that you own. What can be thrown away? What can be given out?

  • 2. Responsibilities

    Most people just filled their days with urgent and endless responsibilities: university, part-time job, house, children, social activities, hobbies…

    When it is possible, free yourself of some responsibilities that do not bring you anything good, but take away your time. Responsibilities are to correlate with values and priorities you have.

  • 3. Goals

    Have one or two goals you want to reach, not more. When lowering the quantity of your targets, you increase your concentration and success level.

    Create a list of things you want to reach during your life and choose some that are important. When you gain one thing, start approaching the next one, do not spray your efforts.

  • 4. Negative Emotions

    Most of negative emotions are totally useless. Insult, sadness, envy, hate and jealousness never made someone’s life better. Be totally responsible for your emotions and mood. Say goodbye to your past and replace negative emotions with positive ones.

  • 5. Debts

    A debt can be called a synonym of a captivity. A human who owes money can’t feel themselves free and will constantly be unconfident. Start today. Do everything you have to do in order to get out of that trap. Find the required help. Sacrifice your today’s luxury to enjoy freedom tomorrow.

  • 6. Words

    Use less words. Let your speech be simple and honest. Mean exactly what you say. Stay away of gossips.

  • 7. Harmful Ingredients

    Avoid using such components in your meals. Minimizing such ingredients, you can improve your energy level and health.

  • 8. Time Spent Before Screen

    Staying concentrated on a TV-screen, laptop, or smartphone display can influence your life more seriously than you think. Media change your values and start dominating your life.

    This all influences your outlook. It’s a pity, but many people do not even notice that influence. The only way to estimate it totally is to exclude it.

  • 9. Connections


    Relations with other people are good. Constant distraction while speaking with the real human is bad. Concentrate on what is important, not urgent. Learn how to see such urgent things and how to avoid their appearing.

    Make people around you happy, not your virtual friends.

  • 10. Multitasking

    Researches show that multitasking activities increase stress and lower your performance level. Today, staying concentrated on one task at a time is a lost mastery you need to learn in order to make your life simpler.

Have a good luck!

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