Writer’s Speech: 5 Things to Know While Being a Student

If you think it is better to learn not from your own mistakes, but from someone else’s ones, you need to read useful tips from one of essaycrest.com writers about 5 things you need to know when you are 20. Direct speech follows.

20-year-old Student
  • 1. Quit “Formal” Studies

    Education is cool and necessary, but only if you certainly know why you want to get it. Or if you like it. If you don’t – just quit. Especially if your uni is humanitarian.

    When I got 20 years old, I had my own goal: to buy a car. My parents presented me a car as a birthday gift. And then, I got a new dream: I wanted to study things that I like. I chose a good British uni on my own, and I had to sell my dream – that gifted car – in order to be able to pay for studies. But this was the way how I got a good education in Britain. Those were the best months of my life, and I am satisfied very much with myself having enough bravery to make that step.

  • 2. Environment Forms You

    It is very important to know who you communicate with and in which environment you stay for a long time. First, I studied in the Eastern Europe. My university was pretty good, but they didn’t treat so-called “cons” too well. In Britain, or other Western countries, it is very prestigious to study well. You try using all your talents to get an “A” grade. And they respect you if you get it.

    People you communicate with play a key role in who you become. It is not important what words are written on your diploma. Values you keep up to mean much more.

  • 3. Find Your Mentor. Find Two of Them if You Can

    It is important to have a person who is sincerely interested in your success. That person can be older than you, more experienced one. This is your mentor, who can give you tips about what to do in this or that situation. You need to have a person you respect and treat as your friend. He or she will help you make right decision in the required moment.

    I strongly recommend you to find your mentor.

  • 4. Travel

    At the British Uni I met people from all over the world. Now I have a wide range of connections. And now, when I go travelling, my friends or friends or my friends are everywhere.

    I think travelling enriches and widens one’s outlook. It is possible to travel without spending big money: there are numerous websites where you can find discounts, there are interesting couchsurfing resources, too. There are “Flex” and “Work and Travel” programs, etc.

    If you travel, you have a chance to hear amazing stories and meet wonderful people.

  • 5. Invest into Your Future

    Student Investment

    Start storing funds from your 20 already. If you are able to put away 300 dollars monthly after your 25, you’ll have nearly half a million dollars in your 65. If you start that when being in your 35, you’ll get nearly 250 thousand dollars till then. If you start storing 600 dollars monthly after your 40, then you’ll still have less than if you started to do that at your 25. So it is better to start as soon as possible: then it will be easier for you to live when you get old.

    Another interesting fact: if you bring 10 thousand dollars to your bank account under 5% of yearly deposit, and add there 5 thousand every year, there will be 200 000 dollars on your account in 20 years, and 704 000 in 40 years.

    But the main thing is to love what you do and to work as hard as you can. It is the only way for you to reach something.

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