Studying Overnight in a University Library: Or How Dreams Come True

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Here I am going to share some results of my little research with you. Recently I have somehow found out that the libraries of the University of Toronto, Canada, was open to “owl” students. I mean those guys who like or have to study at night. In a nutshell, it said that the students of that university could come to the certain libraries after 10 pm or even 11 pm and do what they needed.

Surely, you have already come up with the whole list of advantages of such an innovation. Let me just select the most remarkable of them and mention them below. So, overnight study in a library allows you to:

  • type your college papers in a quiet and cool hall, hence saving yourself from the necessity to do it in your hot messy room in the dorm;
  • do various assignments and look for the necessary materials without any haste after you come back from work and have some rest;
  • get free access to good Wi-Fi (I believe there is no need to list the benefits such option can provide you with);
  • find a shelter if for some reason you are homeless currently (and I’m not kidding, you can find loads of articles in Google about these poor guys).

Now let’s see which universities have already adjusted their facilities to the needs of their modern students and how these students can make the most of the opportunity they have been provided with!

The University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The university extends library hours mainly during exam periods. All you need to bring with you is your TCard and, of course, some energy to survive till 8.30 am, when a sympathizing librarian comes to wake you up.

York University, Ontario, Canada

The library welcomes all night owls to spend their academic time effectively in the 24-hour study space. Besides, the university provides quite convenient transit schedules. You can easily study till 1:40 am and take the last bus that leaves the campus at 1:45 am. In case you need to stay in the library until the first sun ray falls on your laptop, you can take the very first bus that arrives at 5:45 am.

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The University of Maryland, Maryland, the US

McKeldin Library will let you study from 11 pm to 8 am, from Sunday to Thursday. Just make sure you arrive not later than 11 pm and do not need to leave earlier than 8 am. These are just the local rules. Looks like the administration really cares about you. Or they are just very serious about providing you with effective night study and the opportunity to finish all your essays by the morning.

University of California, San Diego, California, the US

From Monday to Friday you are welcome to visit the library at midnight and stay there till 7:30 am. Just make sure you can orient well, so you will be able to find the eastern direction and follow it in order to find the right hall. However, during night hours you will not be provided with research or printing assistance. So, you’ll have to wait till the morning comes.

If your college or university library still does not have such option, you can initiate some innovative “Let’s Study Overnight” project. (You can also change the name if you don’t like it.) Ask your mates, professors, and librarians whether they like the idea. Learn what may hinder you from bringing it into being. And one day you will be among the first night owls to enjoy the silence of dim library halls, smelling with old wise books and students’ coffees…

Good luck!

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