How to Survive in the Dormitory: 5 Rules

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It is well-known fact that most students around the world live in dormitories, student residences, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes it is quite hard to get accustomed to such conditions. It implies not only living conditions but the atmosphere as a whole.

Nevertheless, living in the dormitory is a great experience for you. Your new life is waiting for you. Finally, you can start to live alone, without parents. Nobody won’t tell you what to do. So, if you are going to spend the next few years in a student dormitory, then this article is just for you. Study and learn from others' mistakes.

Rule 1: Get Along with the Neighbors

And it refers not only to your roommates but also to all students who live in the dormitory. In fact, you will be the lucky person if you are surrounded by people who respect other's personal space. But be ready if your roommate doesn’t wash dishes for a few weeks or always makes some parties. In general, a good relationship with the neighbors is always a huge plus. It is always easier to agree on something when you are friends. By the way, your roommates can give you some pieces of advice about studying. For instance, they can advise you the best essay writing service where you can order some kinds of paper or how to cheat during exams. But it's between us.

Rule 2: Be Polite with Employees

You should always greet the watchman, the commandant, the cleaner, etc. Be friendly, wish them a good day, congratulate them. It will be quite beneficial for you. If you establish a good relationship with these people, life will become much easier. As a result, watchman can let you in the dormitory, if you are quite late or cleaner could help you to cope with some household chores. So be nice and your life will be better.

Rule 3: Do not Hammer on Study

We know it is quite hard to concentrate on studying. Especially, if you live in student residence where it is noisy and fun. Moreover, parties also can’t inspire you on studying. Of course, you can oversleep first classes but do not get carried away. Just remember that you enter the university to learn.

Rule 4: Respect Others

This rule must be observed not only because of living in a student residence. It refers to the life as a whole. If your neighbor is sleeping, you should watch a movie with headphones. If you want to read at night, you should turn on the desk lamp. And do not make a noise at night! It is terribly annoying when you cannot sleep due to the fact that it is some kind of party near your room. By the way, one of the most common causes of conflict between neighbors is cleaning. Surely, you will be unpleasant, if a neighbor scatters handkerchiefs around the room or uses the only chair as a personal wardrobe.

Rule 5: Be More Simple

Girl Who Has Seen a Cockroach

Do not quarrel with a neighbor if she takes your bookshelf. Do not complain if someone makes tiles dirty in the kitchen. If you have seen a cockroach, do not cry. It is better to think what you can do. So, try to pay less attention to the little things and trinkets.

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