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It’s a pity, but not every person has the ability to express their thoughts clearly and nicely. And it is not enough to have just a strong will and perseverance in order to become a really good writer. But this will is enough to teach you to write interesting texts on any topic. And there is no need to be especially talented. You only should to be not afraid of critics, to read a lot, don’t feel fear while writing and to practice all the time.

There 7 easy rules for writing and editing texts will help you in writing your essay, article, blog or maybe even book.

Try to Make a Good Impression onto Your Reader from The Very Beginning

Who will read an essay or a book which makes the reader fall asleep from the very first words of its content? Such book will automatically go to a shelf, and the reader will come back to it only when totally nothing worth reading will be in future. In order to make your books or articles read to the very end, they need to interest readers from the beginning, to stick their eyes to the text like some serious glue!

If you lose your reader at the beginning, such writing makes no sense. You just waste your time and the time of the reader. You’ve got to stop this activity, or to practice on something simpler (short articles, notes or a private blog).

Write Clearly and Understandably, Not Like You Want to Impress Someone

What do you write for? Do you do this in order to show your thoughts to people around? Or do you try to impress everyone with your skill of composing ingenious phrases?

Write shortly and clearly. Use short sentences and simple words. Use expressions which appear in your mind first. Then, your texts will become more natural, easier to read and to remember.

The easiest way to expand your vocabulary and to learn writing really-really cool is to read lots of books. And try to avoid using clichés and jargon words in your texts.

Be Precise, This Won’t Kill You

Once more: use short and clear sentences. Pay attention to the structure of your sentences, which are to express the main thoughts clearly and to enthrall your readers.

Write some short periods. Connect them into one logical flow. Also, use one period for every separate thought.

Write Correctly

Try keeping up to the punctuation and grammar rules while writing your text. Check if all the commas are where they need to be. Read the text a couple of times and make sure you keep your style.

If You Doubt Something, Don’t Write It

Text Writing Recommendations

If you have any doubts about proper word spelling or its contextual use, you better don’t put it there. Don’t forget to shorten your sentences; don’t use lots of complicated words.

Don’t bond your mind to any word or sentence. While editing the text, delete everything that complicates sentence or doesn’t fit to the main line cruelly.

As Stephen King said: “Kill your darlings.”

Be heartless and throw away everything that sounds not as you would like it to sound.

Respect The Copyright

If you use somebody’s quotes (especially if they belong to anyone famous), make sure to specify authorship.

Watch for your copy to be similar to the original quote. If you want to make it shorter, you better start from the end.

Final Reading: Read Your Text One More Time

You’ve got to edit all the text, even if it is going to take lots of your time. Check everything once more, make sure that all the main parts are on the proper places and connected with logical links.

Read the text aloud. You’ll percept it in a bit other way once you hear the composition, not just see it. That is why you’ll be able to make your last corrections and… read everything for the very last time.

And the main thing: don’t be afraid to write. Don’t let your first failures stop you. Don’t be angry on people who point at your grammar and punctuation mistakes instead of telling you what they think about the text’s meaning.

Readers don’t always do this politely. Sometimes they forget about the author is not the professional writer, editor and corrector. Strong negative emotions coming from readers can kill any wish to continue writing. That’s why we repeat once again: don’t stop! If you feel extremely difficult – delay writing till better times come. But don’t throw everything just because of someone pointed at your mistake. That’s silly, for sure.

You won’t obligatory become a famous writer. But you’ll learn how to express your thoughts in a short and interesting way both writing and speaking.

We all writers are to learn lots of things yet. And there is a hope that such articles will help us all.

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