TV Shows: What Can We Learn from Them?

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Nowadays, a lot of people tend to be addicted to TV. It is said that with the help of TV the government controls minds of people. Actually, we can learn a lot of useful information from television. There were a lot of situations when the knowledge gained from TV shows was practically applied. Let`s work out this question.


Lucky Are Those Who Have Friends

The episodes of “Friends” and “The Pretty Little Liars” are not only the source of amusement but also a great lesson of the importance of having good friends. It is a well-known fact that friendship is the most valuable treasure we have. That`s cool to realize there is someone you can count on, who won`t let you down and who makes you feel secure. Friends are devoted to each other, and even any conflicts can`t break the sense of affection between them. In sooth, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Moreover, you can find some ideas for an original essay on friendship just having watched a few episodes.

Survival Lessons

In case you are a “Supernatural” or “The Walking Dead” fan, you`ll definitely win the battle with zombies and demons thanks to useful tips which are shown in all TV show episodes. Take salt with you wherever you go and shoot straight in zombie`s head. Are you a flash-runner? Good for you then. The Winchesters will also show you the value of hearth and home and all the troubles, which brothers experience together, and demonstrate that blood is thicker than water. Watching “Supernatural”, you will extend your knowledge of how the surrounding world is arranged: Hell, Paradise and the “Human” world. Maybe, it will help you find the sense of your existence.

Faith in Better

The main characters of “2 Broke Girls” are hard up being deadly sick of piled up electricity bills. Nevertheless, Max and Caroline always keep their head high and look on a sunny side of life. Well, we understand the importance of trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel even though you feel it is a catch 22 situation. Moreover, if you are guided by dream – there is nothing impossible for you.

Life Is Life

One of the most thrilling TV shows – “Game of Thrones” – can teach a lot because of its multiline plot. The lesson is that not always your good friend wishes you good and your enemy wants to offend you. Discover the details of mythologies of other nations. Build awareness of the significance of protecting honor and reputation, of civic duty, of devotion to family. What is more, after watching that TV show you get an inkling that it is necessary to perceive the world without any embellishments, to look at life realistically. Guile happens. Not always good overcomes evil. This TV show is like a realistic picture of life.

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