What are the Types of Students at the University?


We are students, and we are different. Moreover, different students need different treatment, and even teachers know that. The student years are one of the most exciting stages of human life. The five to six years of study at the university will be remembered by the graduate with a great warmth. Students have common interests and needs for new knowledge. The student community is not homogeneous. Looking closer, we can distinguish different kinds of students. Let us start.

A Freshman

This type of student catches the eye. Usually, it is difficult to find one because freshmen move in "flocks" from one lecture room to another lecture room. If you meet a student with lost eyes at the university, eagerly looking for whom to ask about the location the lecture room, it can be stated with absolute certainty that he was behind the group, probably distracted by cafeteria food. This type of student is temporary, and you can observe them only at the beginning of the studies.

Studious Student

This type of student knows the schedule of all activities and the location of all lecture audiences. The library is his second home. He is signed up at all the libraries of the city, where he is known by his first name.

Lazy Student

He usually goes to bed late because he does not have the first lecture in his schedule. Of course, sometimes he notes down lectures, but no one can understand his scrawl adorned with abstract figures, including ones of himself. The library is an institution with an obscure location and purpose for him.

Active Scholar

These students are characterized by intellect and erudition. He spends nights writing essays. This type of student is a scholar, who can support any conversation topic, illustrating it with examples and quotations.

Impudent Student

This type occurs especially among the successful students. Extremely arrogant, as he considers himself to be a rare intellectual.


This student has a strong desire for a healthy lifestyle. He regularly visits sports clubs, fitness clubs and gyms. He enjoys several sports. He takes part in all the sports activities of the university, for which he actually received the scholarship.

Agent 007

This is the one you would not hear about before the exam. At the exam, he always behaves calmly and confidently. He takes the exam first, quickly replies to all questions and leaves the university with excellent marks.

Immortal Student

It is such a student, who has a lot of overdue homework. He always lives on the edge and thinks that it is impossible to get thrown out of the university. However, in most of cases, he fails to finish the studying.

As can be seen from this classification, students are different, and it is certainly not all the possible types of students. Did you find yourself and your friends?

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