3 Phrases that Hurt Your Happiness and Success

Unhappy Man

People lie to themselves in order to calm down and to feel better in their present moment, but this causes a bad effect on their future life. Here is what authors of our essays think on the delusions people continue to repeat for themselves.

  • 1. I Require A to Become B

    For people, it is not easy to understand they already have everything to be happy. They keep thinking that it is needed to get one more victory or life change. That’s a delusion.

    The greater success you get, the less satisfied you usually feel later. Due to this reason, you need to remember about things that you have got already on purpose, and to live at your present time. Success comes as something on the side when you are busy with something that you admire most of all.

    Maybe, you think that you need to fix something in your way of life right now. It seems that some Event has to happen, and then you’ll be able to become happy. But changes can come only when you see it all in different way. When you understand that you need nothing but your own wish to be cheerful and happy.

  • 2. The World Owes Me

    Ask yourself, why you deserve anything. You are to be rich, very happy, cheerful and successful. Why? What did you do to earn that? How long were you working in order to reach that?

    There is a will and thought that you are to have stable and good relationships. Again: why? What are relations that you have with other people? Do you work hard on improving yourself, your body, your personality, or you just expect another person to be perfect for you, and you don’t need to provide any changes by yourself?

    Humans keep thinking about their own self all the time. They all want to be successful, happy, rich and loved. That’s normal; this is how their brains “work”. But when you expect life to give you something just because, you bound yourself to being disappointed on purpose.

    You will not wait for incomes without investing money to any company. So why do you expect your wishes to come true without really taking actions for them to come true?

    When a thing you hardly dreamed about hadn’t happened, ask yourself: “Did I do everything I could? Didn’t I miss something while trying to save time? Don’t I need to get more patience?”

  • 3. I Can’t Do a Thing

    When you live a certain way of life for a long time, you start thinking that there are no things that can be changed by your own. When you constantly hear that you have reached your limits already, it is hard to believe you can get much more.

    But your past does not have to determine your future. Everyone passes through tough moments in their life. If to have a strong wish, you can change both your life and yourself.

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