Unsuccessful Student’s Behavior

Essaycrest.com writers know that every person dares to success in many fields of his or her life, but only some people really reach their goals. The same thing can be said about students: them all want to study well, but only a few ones really do something about that. Your behavior and your way of thinking can help you conquer the world, or lead you to a great failure. A conscious analysis of your actions leads to understanding things that should and should not be done in certain situations.

Unsuccessful Student

In this article, we are about to concentrate on mistakes most unsuccessful students do. These mistakes are mainly reasons of your failures.


One of the main problems for modern students and regular people it their lack of will to make a first step. That step is associated with a fear of a failure, a fear of success, and other risks in their heads, so they prefer going on to do nothing. And the scale of a project or task has no matter here, because procrastination infiltrates every field of life.

There are various ways to with that disease, but the most effective one would be about dividing your big task into smaller parts and completing them one by one. Do not perceive your coursework as a whole huge document. There are only some smaller chapters. Can’t you write a single chapter?

A person who will learn to concentrate on a single task at a single moment will conquer the world.


When unsuccessful students do not get what they want, they start looking for someone or something to make them guilty. It’s either bad weather or bad health condition they suffer from and that is the cause to skip studying today. Bad coworkers make their career progression impossible, talentless and lazy people get better job positions and such an injustice is the reason to quit. There is always more against them than they can actually change. Quite suspicious bad luck they suffer; indeed, it’s time to stop dramatizing and get on with surviving.

Successful people rarely whine and moan. They keep their mouth shut and work their hands to the bone. They seek for opportunities to work and/or to earn more, not the reasons why they cannot work or earn. See the difference?


Rationalizations are important but not in the case they justify misbehavior. That is what losers do when they fail: make it look like their fall was inevitable instead of repeating the learning routine and looking for ways to make it work out. As a result, they suffer failures and then blame others (point two).

So next time you want to waste time, just speculate over the reasons why you still have no job instead of reading “How to make a killer resume” manual.

An intrusive will to make empty assumptions leads to the situation, when a person refuses to find out facts even if having such a possibility, they are so limited with their own borders that they do not think that to be necessary. They just “know”.
Not that I want to say that knowing the reason is not important. It is. But some people just stop the moment they find it out while the reasons must be dealt with. Make the next step, which is the decision. Then, action.

  • Why did that failure happen? How to prevent it from happening again?
  • How to influence that person/situation?

Speaking Instead of Listening

Logic says that listening to others is much more effective than speaking, because you can hear more info and then use it. But unsuccessful people having their unsatisfied ego inside, speak more. They think they know more than the others, and that is why they refuse to learn and improve their skills.

Successful people know how to listen to others, and they like listening. This is how they not just know more, but build strong connections becoming reasons of their success later.

Avoiding Risks

Every day every human makes this or that decision where risk is. Even food buying can turn into health problems. But these decisions people make only because they do not have any possibility to go another way. When it touches business questions, money and huge possibilities, unsuccessful people refute to take a risk automatically.

Nobody can ever guarantee you something for 100%. But you always can improve your chances for success if you work upon yourself, analyze info carefully and make smart decisions

Giving Up

Unsuccessful students always give up, and then find tens of excuses. One of the most popular ones sounds like: “That is not my deal. I just look for myself”.

Such approach can be correct for one or two first times, but when this situation happens again and again, the point is about the person. The reason is hidden in their priorities which are that easy to be changed. that is a behavior of a pampered child who refuses to take the world and its problems as they are.

Feeling Envy

This is one of the most destructive emotions. Unsuccessful people feel envy on others, because those people reached success they didn’t deserve (that is what unsuccessful students think). Envious thoughts take a great amount of their time, they influence their psychology and push people away from them.

Successful people feel glad about successes of the others, they get inspired like that.

Wasting Time

Here are things we all usually waste time for:

  • Internet surfing;
  • TV;
  • Entertainments;
  • Social media.

If to sum up, there can be got five hours per day that could be spent on things leading to success and happiness. It is wonderful, but once a person stops doing useless things, he or she starts developing their personality automatically.

Failure Expectation

Unsuccessful students never accept this fact to be true. They will say they were trying as hard as they could, but there appeared external factors that were out of their control. In fact, they expected the failure, because their success would lead them to bigger responsibilities.

Focusing on Wrong Things

We have mentioned before, that it is a bad habit to waste your time in vain. The point is, unsuccessful people concentrate on things they think to be important, but those things do not fit their personality. Some students go on studying on a faculty that irritates them, because they are just too afraid to change something. And so on.

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