How to Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

Surfing the Net

It is weird that modern students think about the Internet as a source of entertainment where you can «hang out» for a whole day rather than as a source of knowledge. From one hand, it is understandable, but from another one, will there ever be time to live a real life then? This article will present you lots of useful data which may later serve you as a good base for your own college essay.

Main Internet Temptations

Nowadays, each student cannot imagine their life without a mobile phone and the internet. The worst thing is that we usually feel helpless when our internet suddenly switches off and often act aggressively because of that. Here are some popular ways of wasting time on Internet:

  1. Social networks. Huge category of students wastes their time on different social networks instead of studying or even sleeping. Another problem is that it eats our money each minute we are online. It is also bad for student’s health as they usually sit or lie in bed and don’t move at all. This can result in hypodynamia. There is also a bad influence on a person’s state of mind, as people who spend too much time on social networks with their virtual friends tend to get reserved and shy in real life or sometimes don’t want to make friends at all.
  2. Computer games. A category of students who enjoy playing computer games are in a huge danger, as they can turn into fans of virtual reality and trade it to real life. Such gamers are not interested in things that happen around them or in their life. Of course, it refers to those people who spend way too much time playing games. On the other hand, every big thing starts with a small one.
  3. Online dating. This problem refers more to women, who have some problems with private life or young girls who want to find a boyfriend. In 90% of the cases, the Internet will not help you to find a future husband. Moreover, men who use such dating web pages often have lots of complexes in real life or are not popular with women. There are exceptions everywhere, but in most of the cases, girls simply waste their time.
  4. Studying and working. Weird reason to waste some time, isn’t it? Sometimes, students are so concerned about their studies that they forget to go out to breathe some air. That is why you should always remember that you are not a robot, which is supposed to study or work all the time. You should always have some time for yourself, your family and friends. 

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