Essay About a Young Celebrity: Is Zhou Qi a Chinese Michael Jordan?

Basketball Match

Choosing a famous sportsman or a sportswoman as a protagonist of your college essay is always a very good idea. Firstly, everybody likes sports. Even if your professor personally doesn’t, he or she is not likely to admit it publicly. Secondly, the example with a sports celebrity will be equally appropriate for papers on very different topics, such as your role model, your motivation, your dream, etc.

Today I’m offering you to write about a young basketball player who is believed to become a second Michael Jordan! Let’s find out more about the life and career of young Zhou Qi.

Childhood and the Beginning of the Career Path

If you want to have a Wikipedia article written about you while you are in your 20s and to become a real star on Twitter, ask Zhou Qi how do to it. The 21-year-old sportsman will once probably write another book about success to inspire the coming generations.

He was born in Xinxiang, a city in the north of Henan province, in China. And now I’m going to crush your stereotype that Asian people are short! Zhou’s dad is 1.96 meters tall, Zhou’s mom is 1.82 meters tall, and Zhou himself is… Are you ready to find it out? He is 2.16 meters tall! And he’s a really handsome young man.

He started going in for sports in 2002, when he was only six years old. We can’t but wonder that huge attention the Chinese people pay to sports nowadays. Three years later, in 2005, Zhou entered Liaoning Fuxin Basketball School. Since that time he has participated in numerous competitions and brought his teams crushing victories.

Quite a nice beginning for your English paper, isn’t it? Let’s move on!

The Latest Achievements of the Budding Sports Star

When Zhou was 18, he joined the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, a professional Chinese basketball team. Although he was not allowed to play until the 2014-15 season because he was too young, he turned out to be a very significant player. However, not always his efforts and enthusiasm helped his team.

Last year he decided to buy out his contract with the Xinjiang Tigers, intending to join the National Basketball Association in North America. Zhou was allowed to do it and, as we can see today, he has even managed to fulfill all conditions required.

Don’t forget to mention in your essay that in 2016 he became the Defensive Player of the Year. And yes, the Tigers won their first championship with his help.

Since July 2017 Zhou Qi is an official player of the Houston Rockets, a US professional team, located in Houston, Texas.

Basketball Player’s Silhouette

The Lesson Zhou Qi Can Teach You: Or Why You Are Writing About Him

This young man is definitely going to become a new legend of the world sports. He is going to inspire teenagers and make all adults, no matter which of the two teams they support, like him.

The mass media doesn’t provide any information on how the Chinese team and government reacted to his leaving for the US and, what’s more important, playing for them. However, we can hope that Zhou will choose the right path and become a decent example to follow.

Probably, my children will quote him in their essays. What I can say is that he has already showed everyone how to achieve goals.

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