How to Survive Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Attack Tips

Here goes zombie-apocalypse survival guide, that was written by “The Walking Dead” series fans among our authors.


Pack the emergency bag. In case if zombies appear and you’ll have to run immediately – a backpack with all necessary things should be with you: water, canned foods, knife, matches, adhesive tape, radio working on batteries, document copies, soap, coat, flashlight, ropes and first aid kit.

Prepare until they wake up.


Choose a place where you’ll run to. If zombies visit you at home, you’ll need to evacuate ASAP. So, think beforehand: where can you hide? Relatives, forest, outer city, store, etc. Remember, if zombies are hungry, nothing will stop them. Prepare yourself, attend terrain orientation courses in order to know where to run, too. If you’ll have to hide on the tree, train your skills on a rope-city attraction.

There is no safe place. There are more safe and less safe ones.


You’ll need a weapon. If you weren’t lucky to get firearms, then kitchen knife, baseball-bat or a regular pan can be helpful. Forget about you being pacifist. You’ll have to protect yourself and your family from zombie attacks, or these creatures will bake a sandwich from your face. You need to aim one’s head with a weapon like pan. In order to master some serious weapons, you’ll have to visit shooting range, paint-bar or sniper classes.

Blades don’t need to be reloaded.


Get out of the city. Get as far from civilization as you can. In big cities, there is a lot of population, so you have more chances to meet zombies or get infected. It is better to leave the city beforehand, otherwise when “undeads” occupy streets, you’ll be trampled down by people like you, same thing as on peak hours. The safest way to leave the city is by car. Zombies will not get you there. Additionally, you’ll be able to move faster. Though this will not be regular driving, but extreme one. So, visit extreme driving courses.

They don’t feel fear, so why should you?


Alternative movement. When dead souls capture the city completely, you will feel difficult to move on its surface. Learn moving through undergrounds. Diggers will help you do that.

Keep low, be quiet, stay alert.


Learn how to move effectively. Most of zombie victims will become ones because of falling down and spraining their feet. It is impossible to keep moving after such a fall. So, train yourself to run through the rugged terrain.

If you go upstairs, destroy stairs after.


Learn yourself to strike things correctly. Hit fast, strongly and painfully. Then you’ll have a chance to neutralize your opponent after blinding them with the flashlight for some time and to run away. To improve your self-defense skills, go for a boxing master-class or MMA section.

Cut their heads off.

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