Online services usually look doubtful, so you should think twice whether to pay them money. Our writing company does not want you to worry, so there is a money back policy. This is easy: either you like what you get from us or you get a refund for your order. Check out the following specifications.

Safe Payment

What Do You Mean by Money Back?

This clearly means that our company gives their clients an opportunity to get a refund in case of not being satisfied. We have been working for more than 8 years already and all that time we have been becoming better to increase the customers’ satisfaction rate. Now it is 97%, and we understand that we are to take care of the rest 3%. With the refund policy you will never waste your money.

How Can a Dispute Be Started?

A Dispute

Every claim is being processed by our dispute department manager, who reviews every particular case and offers a fair solution based on the policy’s conditions. That is why, to start a dispute we expect you to send an e-mail request to the manager.

To make sure that all the cases are paid enough attention to, we take 7-10 business days to respond to every request from the clients’ side.

There is also a time limit for the possibility to request a refund: you have 10 days from the time the first variant of your order was sent to you.

We will appreciate if you stay in touch with the writer during the writing process to avoid any misunderstandings, which can develop into a dispute case later. Also, kindly check your e-mail regularly within the dispute cases, as in some situations we may need your response and clarifications. If you fail to provide us with the necessary proofs of the low quality within 7 days after your claim, the dispute will be closed and it will not be eligible to open it again.

Specific Conditions of Money Back Possibility

Why can a person ask for a refund and what can we do in those specific cases? Let us review the common cases and solutions to them.

  1. Cancellation

    Plans can change and assignments may need to be cancelled. You can cancel your order only if it was not delivered to you yet. The amount of refund depends on the time of request. If you have changed your mind right after placing an order before the writer got assigned, we will surely refund 100% back. After you get the writer allocated for your task, only up to 70% of the sum paid can be refunded, under conditions when less than half of your deadline passed so far. If you ask for cancellation when less than half of your deadline is remaining, you are eligible to get no more than 30% of money paid back.

  2. Double Payment by Mistake

    If you have mistakenly paid twice for the same order, you will get a refund for the additional payment as soon as possible after informing us. The same thing works if you have placed two similar orders and paid for them both. The full refund will be possible only in case you inform us about the case before we assign writers for both of your orders. Otherwise, you should check the conditions of the previous paragraph (cancellation).

    A Mistake
  3. Plagiarism

    If you have a report from Turnitin or your university, which confirms that your paper has been partly or fully plagiarized, we will issue a full refund for you. It is also possible to get the paper completely rewritten for free in this case.

  4. The Paper Does Not Meet Your Expectations

    If you think that the delivered paper does not correspond to the instructions you have provided for your order, you have a right to request a refund. However, you will be required to ask for at least 2 revisions before that (1 for extra urgent cases with deadline 12 hours or less), and we will expect strong reasons and proofs on your point.

    • If you have not approved your order yet, you can get the paper revised for free as many times as needed. If this does not help or is no more an option, you can start a dispute and the dispute department manager, as well as the quality department, will check on your case to suggest the best possible solution.

    • If you have approved your order, meaning that you were satisfied with it, no more than 30% of the paid amount can be refunded. Please, keep in mind that the exact amount of refund will be notified by the manager based on your particular case.

  5. Refund for the Additional Features

    There is no way that these can be refunded with the only exception for the specific writer’s category, and only if the writer has not been allocated yet. Features meant are: writer’s sample, plagiarism report, editors’ services, summary and writer’s category.

  6. Lateness

    • If we have delivered your order after 20 minutes passed from the order deadline expiration, we will recalculate the price as for the next longer deadline and refund the difference. Basically, if you have requested 4 hours deadline and you got the paper after 4 hours and 21 minute, you will get charged as for 8 hours deadline. If the lateness is caused by the delay from your side in responding to some vital clarification, this is not a case for a refund. Please, make sure that you provide all the necessary details for the writer to work on your order. Also, if you order was too complex to be completed within the given time, we have asked you to extend the deadline, and you have agreed, the refund for lateness will not be possible.
    • The lateness for revision delivery is not refundable. You can only start a dispute after we are 30 minutes late, but in this case the revised paper will not be delivered to you. The possible amount of refund in this case is 15% at max.
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